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  • Ruthie's Succulent Obsession 7 months ago

    Love the beach theme. Great job as always. I never thought to use sand and it looks great.

  • Minimal Mechelle 7 months ago

    so pretty I never even considered using sand for a dressing it's really pretty 🙂

  • Plantas & Flores Vamos Cultivar 7 months ago


  • CC CC 7 months ago


  • lisett_WonderWoman 7 months ago

    Came out really good. Love the beach theme!! A lot of my "planters" don't have drainage holes, and I don't have the right drill bits to make hole… I put gravel at the bottom of the planters. And also do what you do, make sure to watch the amount of water they get. Awesome arrangement!! 🙂

  • Jennifer McBride 7 months ago

    this was great sweetie the green bowl looks nice I hope you have a great week hugs

  • Retro Ray's Succulents AKA retroraysrealm 7 months ago

    Well done! Sharp looking!

  • Pages And Polish 7 months ago

    Oh I love this! Turned out amazing.

  • Drina Dayz 7 months ago

    That turned out amazing, we would love to try this, so very cool. Thanks for sharing this

  • Kay Lilia 7 months ago

    I love the arrangement love how it looks near the pool

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