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  • Catherine 8 months ago

    Texas home depot is expensive and the plants are usually just eccheverias. I want those cute graptoveria opalina stuff that look like candy. Maybe succulents dont thrive here as much

  • BamaMom0225 8 months ago

    Our Lowe’s has a little rolling cart and most of their cactus and succulents are mushy from over watering 🙁
    I have plant envy lol

  • memetastic kylie 8 months ago

    i went to lowes last week and they had SO many awesome plants!!! they looked amazing and i snagged some more of my favorite plant, Bear’s Paw! i got a regular and a variegated one! so happy!

  • Maria Morales 8 months ago

    thank you for such beautiful video, by the way where are you at? I live in Alabama my Home Depot don't have any succulents yet…

  • The Succulent Home 8 months ago

    I love your Home Depot they always have great stuff. Xoxo

  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson 8 months ago

    Wish my Home Depot had this great of a selection, but then maybe when the weather gets warmer here we will get more of these plants. Great video, I'm still getting use to my succulents, so far they are doing really good, and I keep adding one or two little ones to the collection, I just picked up an aloe vera plant, so excited to add this to my collection.

  • Chad Catmull 8 months ago

    Love your info n Home Depot n Lowe’s should sponsor

  • Catrina Nazaire 8 months ago

    im so jelly about your HD , wish mines was well stocked like yours , love the animal planters , tfs !! 😉

  • kitchen Gardening official 8 months ago


  • Alisha A 8 months ago

    Ok i was at my home depot. They had a very small collection

  • CrazyCactusCollector 8 months ago

    Wow they have a great selection of cacti and succulents:)

  • Cactimania 8 months ago

    Great selection there, I think I’d spend the day browsing lol

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