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  • Narendra Pardeshi 9 months ago

    Thanks a ton i learnt how to do basic editing in LR one thing i would like to know can you please upload a tutorial through which we beginners can understand which basic parameters are required to sharpen images & in LR. I have Canon 70D camera with 18-135 Kit lens but all images are not sharp through out the frame even i tried different techniques & i use RAW format even proper focusing is also done but still after editing in LR as per your guidelines & techniques the final images looks like blur & too much noise is there so can you please suggest or guide through your tutorials i tried auto focusing & image stabilization but i am unable to get a completely sharp image so can you support me in this regard thanks in advance.

  • oceandrew 9 months ago

    I enjoyed the fact you discuss your thought process on how you manage your sliders and the choices you make given the possibilities available. Well done.

  • osama mhmoud 9 months ago

    thank you I learned many things from the video

  • Chris K 9 months ago

    Very nice to see someone else's interpretation of a photo and post processing process. I think you did a great job with it. The photo was taken in the lat evening and most of the warm light of the day had gone. I think you did a great job of recapturing that. I enjoyed the video alot and have definitely picked up some ideas for future work. Cheers and thanks.

  • 000aleph 9 months ago

    Thanks for the work you put into your tutorials. I like the exploratory mood of this one, the fact that you don't have a fixed recipe, but let viewers take part in your thinking. As for this particular photo, if I squint my eyes (or make the image very small), the "valley" to the right looks a bit too dark, it's kind of an unharmonious blob. I would have probably tried to keep it lighter in order to preserve the tenderness of the photo. Anyway, thanks again!

  • e1337air 9 months ago

    keeping the shadows at 0 or even negative gives even more contrast between the light and dark areas of the sand dune.

  • Harald Schmitz 9 months ago

    Happy new year !!! …. great work !!

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