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  • Blu Jardin 4 years ago

    Wow, everything looks so lush and healthy, the garden doesn't even look like it's suffering through a drought!  Kudos to the amazing gardener who makes it happen!

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 4 years ago

    It is such a very prominent and abundant garden. How do you manage growing such wide variety of plants? Well, I guess you really have much fun on your garden and thank you for inspiring me in a little way. 

  • Ana Cardenas 4 years ago

    Beautiful garden, thanks for sharing

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    Tyler, the idea is to water to the depth is one inch each time you water. If you place a tuna can by your beds and catch the water in the can until the measurement reaches 1 inch you know how long to water. Mine takes about 30-40 minutes in each bed depending on the size of the bed and the water flow.

  • Liz Robbins 4 years ago

    Love your native/natural garden except for the Vitex. That is a very invasive plant and it spreads into our creeks and natural areas, drowning out the natural vegetation.

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    You want to water up to an inch so the best way to determine the time it takes to do this is to use your usual watering system and place a flat sided can near the spray. Time how long it takes to water to the depth of an inch, than you know how long to water. This is a good rule of thumb for your plants and sod, large trees require much more depth in a drought and I suggest laying soaker hose and running for a couple hours at a time on a slow drip.

  • tylertyler82 4 years ago

    How long do you water each plant when you do water?

  • Lisa LaPaso 4 years ago

    Austin Texas ;-)

  • sweetytwome2 4 years ago

    what city do you live in?

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