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  • katyavideos 2 years ago

    These claims need to be verified by outside unbiased sources, I want to see verifiable proof of how sand can be changed, I don't believe it, since it is basically just powdered rock that doesn't just break down and become soil. Soil would have to be trucked in by the trillions and trillions of tons and added to it. Since the UN is involved in this "project" the whole claims are extremely suspect and no doubt a UN agenda of further globalist control is a part of it.

  • Weldon Arnold 2 years ago

    Good luck and best wishes for your country. And people from the u s a

  • frankie Qu 2 years ago

    What is the moisture of the earth to let tree grows

  • Steven Marsh 2 years ago

    Desertification is bad, and these measures seem to work but this doesn’t happen overnight and they require energy and human labor to maintain.

  • Peter Chan 2 years ago

    I missed the connection between the bottle containing water as ‘starter’ with the digging (drilling and water spray) techniques that were demonstrated after. The former seems to suggest there is no ground water. The latter, with plants surviving on ground water.? On the side, I agree Xinhua should upgrade its journalism skills.

  • Miss Daisy 2 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic!! A model for the whole world to aspire to…..Thank-you CHINA!

  • rene akan 2 years ago

    China is the leading society and government of the 21st century. the future is chinese and african

  • Reza O'Line 2 years ago


  • Corrine Tsang 2 years ago

    When China start the Western water diversion plan,there will be enough water for inner Mongolia,and the Ordos region.Another project could be water from the Yennessi River, and the flooded Altai region,Russia to China s Tarin  basin via the East canal.

  • Waryaa Moxamad 2 years ago

    Simply amazing, a small recommendation: The power drill exhaust should be run through a rigid vertical pipe above the driller and the workers should also wear ear plugs. If they will be doing this task for months to years, the cumulative exposure to fumes and noise will significantly affect their health, or alternatively start a project that entirely automates this process to an unimaginable scale.

    I wonder, you will think that the west will be leading the world in poverty reduction and environmental leadership as they are no doubt the most technically and administratively superior societies humanity has seen. Unfortunately, the dominant psyche within western leadership circles has been one that is stuck in medieval power play, unable to snap out of a mindset that belongs to yesteryears; a set of peculiar dynamics where the population's capacity is not reflected in their leaders. Humanity belongs in the stars, we owe to be colonizing the moons of Jupiter by now, but trillions are spent on petty egos, like hyenas they choose to fight over carcass than have the imagination to herd the buffalo. It is really sad that America (leader of the west) spends so much resources undermining the development of humanity when at the same time they contribute so much in the technological evolution of our planet, it is quite puzzling how this contradiction is possible.

  • Dean Cavander 2 years ago

    Let the lady in black sweater speak please.

  • Dean Cavander 2 years ago

    China can afford to build artificial islands and turn desert to agricultural lands. America cannot do this kind of endeavor to benefit mankind because it is engaged in the protection of mankind by trying to eliminate these evil forces that threatens our peaceful way of life.

  • Maria das Santos 2 years ago

    Just amazing.

  • Lenny Online 2 years ago

    The Chinese inventors deserve the NOBEL PRIZE for that innovation that benefits mankind hugely!!!!!!

  • easy6666 He 2 years ago

    Have you ever seen Chinese desert? It's beautiful:

  • John Angula 2 years ago

    Great and informative showcase of human resourcefulness.
    If I may ask, what plants were mentioned to be durable in the desert?

  • Real Great job, respect

  • Joseph Navarro 2 years ago

    This is beautiful would move there

  • Brad Mitchell 2 years ago

    Very impressive. Where there is a will, there is a way is an old American saying. It appears that it is an old Chinese saying as well.

  • ZoophreemiaHouse 2 years ago

    Omg that guy is so self absorbed. I feel sorry for that lady

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