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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Full-time RVers Jim and Jan Waytashek were spending the winter season in their fifth wheel trailer in Quartzsite, Arizona when editor caught up with them in 2005. In this interview from our archives, the Waytasheks tell about their full-time lifestyle, how they began it, and what life is like living in a recreational vehicle in the Arizona desert. Be sure to visit and sign up for one or more of our free newsletters. Video Rating: / 5 Chris & Cherie of share about their February 2015 travel adventures exploring and boondocking around the desert southwest. We spent a delightful couples weeks on BLM land surrounding Cibola Wildlife Refuge, then boondocked a week off Ogilby Rd near Yuma,AZ and then joined up with friends off Darby Well Rd just south of Ajo and ended the month ‘mooch docking’ near Arizona City with friends. What a fun winter, and we loved being off grid! We’ve been on the road full time since 2006, working remotely the entire time – we love this lifestyle, and enjoy sharing about all aspects of it. We generally host and post a live video topic monthly (we pick a topic and host a Q&A session – for more info). We also post interviews with our nomadic friends every 4-6 weeks in our Ramblings series, and share a monthly travelogue from our own nomadic travels like this one. Thanks for joining us! Video Rating: / 5


  • Gene Smith 4 years ago

    Good video! Looks like they are very happy and having fun, thanks!

  • Alaskan_Gypsy 4 years ago

    Quartzsite. I have 160 acres up near Salome in the mountains. Nice off  roading  area for me and my Jeep. Thanks for sharing8)

  • Stevo Reno 4 years ago

    Then You get the hell out AZ when the temp gets up to 100 !

  • SkipSpotter 4 years ago

    In the seaside town I live in here in England, there's been a steady increase in RVs and similar vehicles for the past couple of years. The land is free to park on and I imagine it's via word of mouth that so many are turning up. It's definitely got me interested in the freedom aspect of being able to move and go wherever you want. For me, its the technology side of it which fascinates me. Setting up solar panels, WiFi, water filtration. The folk here are always happy to chat and answer questions. I want to set up some leisure batteries using a relay to charge them up, and use them when parked.That's my new t project.

  • Joe Villanueva 4 years ago

    love following you two we will be full timer soon .my wife and i are run of the mill asian RVer since 1999.thank you for sharing great RV blog ever

  • Walter Allen Kahn 4 years ago

    I don't have an RV YET. but I have family in Casa Grande. I've been there twice once last week and once end of October/beginning of November. It is beautiful out there and my Wife and want to relocate from New England. This last time I went but there I went to Casa Grande Ruins (in Coolidge, Arizona). Did you get there and what did you think of the rich history of the area. I know it's not RV related.

  • Janet Clement 4 years ago

    What kind of shoes are you wearing Chris I think my husband would like a pair?

  • PJ Martin 4 years ago

    Love you guys!!!
    Keep up the monthly!!!

  • shumpie41 4 years ago

    Just recently subscribed. Love your videos

  • Martha Alexander 4 years ago

    We love y'all….like minds.  We are having our rv delivered this Saturday and have much to learn, but have been trying to absorb as much as we can from you.  Going now to order the book!  Happy travels!  Wish us luck.  We are singer/songwriters. Taking that leap of faith.  XXOO

  • RV Adventurer 4 years ago

    Enjoying these Travelogues that you two are producing. I find the "traveling" videos on youtube the best. It gives us a better sense of where to go. Not necessarily the exact spot, but the general vicinity. You are able to capture the beauty of the desert in your pics and videos. Safe travels my friends!!!

  • urgentcareguy3 4 years ago

    High winds, but the bus is hardly moving. Great! 

  • Victor Gomes 4 years ago

    You guys are great at what you do. The carefree way, smooth flowing presentation … The way you allow each other to comment, etc. thanks guys. Really enjoy your videos. I actually went to an outdoors camping expo today. Just over an hours drive from Melbourne. Was very impressed with a Trailer that is much more affordable than all the others. It ticks all the boxes. Insulation, structure. Solar power, bathroom, and other essential features. Down here in OZ RVs are double the price or more compared to the US. These vans are made In China. Hence cheaper. There's hope for me:-)

  • Victor Gomes 4 years ago

    Those cactus sound bloody dangerous! Lol

  • John Baker 4 years ago

    Love, Love, LOVE your travelogues!!  Looking forward to hearing about the Escapade at the end of March!

  • Foto Hysteria 4 years ago

    Great video. Really enjoyed it!

  • Heather Hopkins 4 years ago

    Great video as always 😀

    Where in Austin, will the documentary be shown? I ask, bc my cousin owns the Alamo Drafthouse… And it would be very serendipitous for that to be the locale 😛

    Thank you so much for all your content, and wishing you much joy along the journey 😀 

  • Louis Lipp 4 years ago

    Beautiful desert pics! 

  • VanGo Adventures 4 years ago

    great update!! Thanks for all that you do for the RV community!

  • SKPjoe Coursegold 4 years ago

    great vlog………….now i'll have to go to Ajo and the Pipes.     thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Kent 4 years ago

    Great video and the pictures are awesome!! I lived in Tucson for 30 years before moving to the northwest. Thanks for sharing!!

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