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  • Stephanie Murray 1 week ago

    I suppose that soem people are calmed by 'order' and Don't like taking care of a garden which innevitably forces us to ask why they Don't live in an appartement and not a house. You did the job you were asked to do and you did it well.

  • VoelligHarmlos 1 week ago

    Well it lokked like shit before and now it looks…like what?… clinical?

  • Gerardo Quintero Machado 1 week ago


  • crazzi-j north 1 week ago

    To have that much garden in London is great

  • owbeer 1 week ago

    great garden, dont mind the haters

  • Wendy Morrison 1 week ago

    A stone and turf desert.

  • sassiebrat 1 week ago

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  • hebneh 1 week ago

    The large white dog repeatedly found comfy places to lounge and recline.

  • hanne2901 1 week ago

    Nope much better before

  • molliemollie 1 week ago

    I have to wonder about all the mature plants that were thrown out..Could have paved down the middle and sat in the garden.

  • 2008MrsKim 1 week ago

    What is wrong with you people in the comments, maybe they showed the finished product before putting everything in. Fantastic Job. Looks great

  • Scott Oneill 1 week ago

    Is there always a dog lounging about in these videos or is it just me?

  • Alia Guerin 1 week ago

    Well done, but i would of left some space for plants.

  • Kathy Lecluyse 1 week ago

    Respect for all your hard work – but that's not a garden, it's a green desert 🙁

  • Love how the dog was just chilling and not helping

  • Deedee Gee 1 week ago

    Wow. That is beautiful. I give that a huge thumbs up.

  • Creative Madden 1 week ago

    Fairplay to you all, a lot of hard work gone into that. Pity the owner didn't go for something less invasive but to be fair it is practical and clean and easy to keep, throw a few potted plants in and it'd take the bare look off it. Well done!

  • Adelioyo 1 week ago


  • Anette Mor 1 week ago

    Thank for keeping that last tree at least. The vidio title needs to be changed to "how to turn garden to a yard. But. High cost, low maintainance. One cannot argue that. Still. Even after buying your approach (not without difficulty), why could not you find matching fence trellis? If the owners will look at the naked fence for the rest of their lives, could make at least that little for them.

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