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  • Robert O'Connor 1 year ago

    So that's what it was! we thought it was a Scamp meet-up…

  • Dawn Vierra 1 year ago

    Great designs!!!

  • robert blake 1 year ago

    Would like to see a video on How to have fun once RV parked and set up. Being a homeowner with no mortgage and retired I like the fact I can bicycle over to the gym a few miles down the road. I work out with weights, use the treadmill, jump in pool and hot tub and then swim. Relax when I get home. Would be ok to camp maybe a couple weeks out of town somewhere but sure is nice to come back home. RVing is somewhat a rough lifestyle and that constant driving and then finding a spot to hook up. Then you sit around the RV and do WHAT.

  • Michael Worley 1 year ago

    Sorry I was laughing so hard, those crop dusters really gets people going

  • L hiatt 1 year ago

    Honey we all know you are well grounded. whatever you decide to do is alright with us. Bless your sweet heart Carolyn, great video. thanks to all contributors, Chuck and Ron Great work!
    How fun to watch this! love to all, linda in nc

  • Deb Olsen 1 year ago

    too funny on the men decorating the camp!

  • Marie Morrissey 1 year ago

    Thanks For Sharing!!

  • Kodey WhiteWolf 1 year ago

    Love all the creative forms from rocks….such imagination…………Always enjoy when you come across "different"..and share them with us

  • Wildflower wind 1 year ago

    The rock art was impressive. They are grounding with the earth.

  • Roxanne Harding 1 year ago

    Cool rock garden. Must have taken some time to do that.

  • abumpyroad 1 year ago

    Where we live (WA) planes need to fly above the tree-line, so we never see them that low, but in midget-tree country.. well… you can see what happens! lol.

  • lamere2k 1 year ago

    The little heart & " be kind to one another " were so sweet – loved it . What a great idea !

  • Joyce Barnett 1 year ago

    Carolyn, do you remember when Campervan Kevin tried riding his purple scooter up Dome Rock? I was so glad that he did not ruin the scooter at that time. I find it interesting how certain things stand out in a person's mind. Stay safe and happy adventuring. Love ya Joyce

  • Peggy Bowles 1 year ago

    Carolyn, I was listening to one of Bob's videos about pet care and he mentioned a sickness that dogs and people get specifically from the desert called "valley fever". It is caused from a fungus found in the sand. The symptom of it is coughing because it is breathed in to your lungs! Please check it out.

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