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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote A short video story of a few of the cities and sights of the Great Chihuahuan Desert which covers parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and five Mexican states. The most well known of the desert cities are El Paso, Texas and its’ twin Juarez, Mexico, straddling the Rio Grande River. The huge Big Bend National Park lies entirely within the desert as does the desert’s strange little ghost town (Pop. 58) Terlingua, Texas, or as its’ 58 residents say, the world’s largest outdoor, open air, insane asylum. Music: Lucha Reyes, El Corrido de Chihuahua, 1941 Video Rating: / 5


  • olvinyldude 6 months ago

    Think I saw the worm at bottom of bottle ! Love this part of Country, and Lucha does make it so believable ! Kant wait to get back this way next year, God willing ! Getting the
    wifey to enjoy Mex & Tex-Mex food more these days, I can enjoy more now ! Great video & pictures !

  • Library Pervert 6 months ago

    One thing that Mexican music shares with Western music of the USA is that a lot of the older stuff (like this) is phenomenal, whereas the newer stuff tends to be 'not very good at all'.

  • Janette Walker 6 months ago

    Love your pics – what a fabulous trip.

  • genia106 6 months ago

    My Darling Somerset,
    Love this recording,  Lucha Reyes is SENSATIONALE!
    The closest I ever got to Mexico was when my friend and I were driving from Palm Desert to San Diego….All of a sudden we were at the border, almost in Tujuana….:-)
    I would have gone, but my friend was ASCARED!  🙂
    Listening to this, I feel like am in a Cantina……
    Love the visual.  I never knew Chihuahua was a desert.  Loved the virtual journey and I would stop at Cathy's Rest.. ….love the pink cable tables……What sort of a menu does she serve?
    Millions of Chihuahua STARS…..This was a great Mexican Monday Production

  • mortierfreak 6 months ago

    wonderful music & pictures

  • crystalgayleaddict 6 months ago

    1:57 ? alien spaceship? 😉

  • crystalgayleaddict 6 months ago

    nice pictures!

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