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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The sun rises over a gurgling stream reminiscent of a landscape from northern Europe. But this isn’t Europe, it’s the UAE and six years ago all that was here were sand dunes and scrubby trees. That was until a Dubai family carried out their dream to create an environmentally sustainable botanic haven in the desert. The result is a 14 million square foot community of luxurious houses built around gardens, lakes and rivers. There’s also a restaurant and the the Middle East’s biggest private garden centre. The gardens are planted from seeds and plants collected from all over the world. They use recycled water from the Dubai Municipality sewerage plant, and compost is made from shredded coconut husks and garden waste. The huge number of plants and trees means the temperature is two to five degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Zaal Mohammed Zaal, a garden lover and self taught botanist, his British wife, an interior designer, two daughters and two sons have all been involved in the project. It came about because Zaal Mohammed Zaal couldn’t find anywhere he deemed suitable to build a house in Dubai. “I said I want to turn this amazing piece of beautiful desert and I love the desert, I’m a bedouin at heart. But I’ll turn it into gardens and lakes and waters and birds and butterflies,” he says. He adds that he wanted to create a sustainable community: “You know it’s not about these a hundred and twenty foot buildings and the biggest shopping malls and the tallest towers. We want to give you back your heart and soul. This is what we want to do. And that’s what I really wanted to do – to create a community that thrives on nature, love, social […]

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