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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote HOW TO MAKE AN INDOOR MINIATURE SUCCULENT GARDEN ARRANGEMENT WITH A MIXTURE OF SUCCULENTS, CACTUS PLANTS / CACTUS, CORAL ROCKS, A TINY WATERFALL FOUNTAIN AND POND WITH TROPICAL FISH – HOMEMADE DIY MINI FAIRY GARDEN IDEAS I’ve wanted to make a succulent garden for so long now, but the cost of these plants in India is so expensive. Finally I found a cheap source online and so I ordered lots ready for this miniature arrangement – on a budget! These include a crassula bonsai tree (Jade plant / money plant), as well as various sedums and sempervivums. I found the aquarium rocks on Amazon and used these to create a desert landscape arrangement for this succulent garden, landscaping with gravel, a large central pond with tropical fish (guppies, mollies and pink zebra fish / zebrafish / danios – not glofish) and a miniature garden waterfall filter for aeration and water quality for the aquarium fish living in the pond (biological filtration). A fun, easy and cheap water feature and rock garden combined. SUCCULENT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS / CACTUS GARDENING IDEAS Succulents are easy to grow in containers and miniature gardens, but they do require plenty of daylight, as well as a free-draining soil with plenty of gravel / sand, such as perlite or vermiculite. Treat them like a cactus – water and feed in the summer, and keep them much drier in the winter. HOW TO PROPAGATE SUCCULENTS – PROPAGATING TIPS AND IDEAS Succulent plants are generally very easy to propagate from cuttings, especially when you use hormone rooting powder. Often the cuttings benefit from being allowed to dry out first for a day or two. The soil must never be wet and soggy though. PLANTING IDEAS AND CACTI GARDENING TIPS Succulents and […]


  • Jose Torin jr 2 weeks ago

    wow have a very nice project. i love all. thanks for sharing.

  • CAL123 2 weeks ago


  • Mimansha Basnet 2 weeks ago

    This seems soo achievable .

  • T Lee 2 weeks ago

    we need an update !! interested to see if those bonzai survived that trauma

  • s plant and aquarium 2 weeks ago

    Just awesome

  • HMN entertainment 2 weeks ago

    Which type of motor u used for water fall

  • Stan TheObserver 2 weeks ago

    Nothing like it in California or the continental USA. They love Golden Barrel Cactus.

  • Rachie Sayd 2 weeks ago

    I was never able to get there in person… Though I am now disabled the time has passed for me to go, I am grateful for the virtual tour to enjoy the sights of this incredible garden!!! Nothing else like it on the planet!!! Nice video tour!!! Thanks!

  • Ana Lucia 2 weeks ago

    Zoológico de cactos muito show eu ia ficar de boca aberta com tanta raridade brazil rio

  • Clinton McDermott 2 weeks ago

    What is the purple ground cover?
    Lantana ?verbena?

  • Nghia Tuan 2 weeks ago

    Wonderful! Thanks for your amazing video!

  • How beautiful!

  • Maria Banda 2 weeks ago

    Q hermosura

  • Joana Spadeti 2 weeks ago

    O k

  • Ana Karina ramos 2 weeks ago

    Donde se encuentra ese lugar?

  • Cheryl Yankey 2 weeks ago

    Jurassic park!!

  • Larry Larz 2 weeks ago

    So beautiful! Thanks!!

  • Pennie Egbers 2 weeks ago

    a great video, awesome

  • Stan TheObserver 2 weeks ago

    UC Berkeley needs to learn from this. They insist on only keeping some cactus species some long gone person collected decades ago that was affiliated with the garden. So,it's full of large cactus of the same species and many rotting cactus fading away. It's more rock than cactus now. It's really a waste of tax dollars in that condition.

  • Maria Flores 2 weeks ago

    Donde se encuentra esté lugar?

  • Valdiva Ferreira 2 weeks ago

    How wonderful is the cactus lovers paradise

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