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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video, I show how I made and installed three ollas in my raised tomato bed. Why use ollas? #1) Use 70% less water #2) prevent diseases such as blight because you’re not surface watering. #3) Prevent weeds because you’re not surface watering. #4) Your plants get exactly the amount of water they need because they decide how much water they take. Watch my other Olla videos: Youtube Channel:… Website: Send me a private message: Video Rating: / 5


  • Rocky s Mum 4 years ago

    I saw you other video and read some comments. I need to ask you this; I
    f a clay pot was fired, how did the water go through?
    I have some terracotta pots, they're not leaking.
    Secondly, Did you fired your Ollas and how long? what temperature?
    I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions.
    Thank you.

  • First Last 4 years ago

    how are they working? I had this same idea of using pots because the retail ollas seem over priced.

  • High Desert Garden (Phillip) 4 years ago

    +Joseph Farrar I'm not able to reply to your comment; you might want to check your settings. To answer your question "Do you think it would work to make these from bamboo?" I'm willing to bet that it could be done. I've seen some people use plastic bottles or milk jugs. The use of plastic jugs really doesn't appeal to me; however, some  people like to use them. It annoys me when people refer to a milk jug, with holes in it, as a milk jug olla because it really isn't an olla nor do they function the same way.

  • Joseph Farrar 4 years ago

    Do you think it would work to make these from bamboo?

  • martysgarden 4 years ago

    Nice, we all need to know different ways to save this precious resource!
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware from Australia

  • Spicky 4 years ago

    Thanks u might want to try the Orbit 62061N-91213 Single-Dial Water Timer

  • The Abled Gardener 4 years ago

    Do you also put liquid fertilizer in the holding pipe so the tomatoes get fertilized as needed?
    Do you think a larger holding facility would work such as a 5 gallon bucket? I am just tossing around ideas to water my own garden, since I have one spigot from the house in the front yard and my garden is on the opposite side and back yard. I have to run 100 foot garden hoses to the back which is a eyesore! not to mention an extreme pain on watering day.

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 4 years ago

    That's fantastic my friend ! I kind of like hand watering but some days help would be nice ! 

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