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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote By popular demand here’s a little video about how I made the garden at our new build. I’m no gardener but I do enjoy a spot of amateur gardening. Let me know what you think of this project! Join the Gosforth Handyman Member Zone here – direct channel support, exclusive job pricing videos, members forum and much more: Home Buy locally sourced T-shirts and more from my little shop: Help me let you know about new vids – subscribe to my free newsletter here: Gosforth Handyman Other vids in this series: Part 1 – Externals: Part 2 – Show Homes: Part 3 – Budget Hotel Inspiration: Part 4 – Surface Water Run-off: Part 5 – Budget Hotels in 2019: Part 6 – Internals: TOOLS & PRODUCTS I USE: INSTA: #NewBuild #Garden #Property Video Rating: / 5


  • Gosforth Handyman 2 weeks ago

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  • Paul Morris 2 weeks ago

    A good piece of work but you might have been advised to build low stock brick or Marshell concrete bricks for walling, They resist damp better than wood and are also handy to sit on or rest your cup on.
    It never advisable to grow pyracantha or Laural in gardens unless you are desperate for a quick cover, Laural tends to poison the soil and Pyracantha quickly outgrows your garden,I refuse to prune them any more! I would have done some reading up on the best plants, In the end, a garden is whatever pleases yourselves and suits your needs. I have constructed hundreds of them over the years when a heavy landscaper.

  • Lawrence O'Donnell 2 weeks ago

    Yellow sub base? I thought it was called ballast…..

  • mathew gallimore 2 weeks ago

    I made the same mistake with log roll once, I think mine rotted within about 3 years. Never again!

  • Sami Bouzeyene 2 weeks ago

    Hi Andy, just to let you know that you inspired my in getting into woodworking. I also made my first movie after more then a year 🙂 Thanks!

  • jerry moffat 2 weeks ago

    I had a rest from YouTube for a while do catching up with you channel. I am surprised you moved to a new house as you done a video about shoddy workmanship when buying new. Understandable

  • John Fithian-Franks 2 weeks ago

    Hi, you were lucky, I live in Teesside about 25 miles from you so I call that yellow stuff dolomite as well, as for my garden it was a mix of brick rubble and clay where you needed a jackhammer to get more than an inch down into the “garden” love what you did to your garden

  • Helen Hill 2 weeks ago

    There’s one thing I’d add to this. I would have built a pergola over the seating area, as you are overlooked by the buildings behind. Climbing plants over a pergola would soon give you privacy. We did it in our new build garden, although we’re not overlooked. We built a sunken seating area with stone filled gabions, fire pit in the middle and pergola over the top and planters in the corners.

  • Steven E 2 weeks ago

    Our builder does it as standard in Canada. The entire garden died in the first two years so we dug it up to resod it. There was barely an inch of actual soil under most of it.

  • Benjamin Stephens 2 weeks ago

    New series from Andy Mac – Around the nation in 80 houses!

  • Andrew Head 2 weeks ago

    Pyracantha and children don’t mix. It’s not called firethorn without good reason. I have it growing against a boundary fence. Partly because it’s thorns, make it an unattractive handhold for any unwanted person who decides to climb in.

  • Theresa Jones 2 weeks ago

    Dolomite is subsoil. Yellow probably clay.

  • David Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Great stuff mate. Also can confirm, I watch whenever I have time to watch, schedules have never affected my viewing (just my circumstances obviously)

  • Ratch Riat 2 weeks ago

    is a petty the new houses comes unfinished but saying that you can finish it how you wish to your standard top work stay safe.

  • C4sp3r 2 weeks ago

    Lovely job, I wish I had your imagination for what can be achieved. Do you have any suggestions for better edging than the log rolls? I want something that would last as I need to do some edging in the next year myself but I won't be selling anytime soon so want to do the job once and properly so I don't have to redo it in 5-10 years. Also would you think about fitting threshold drains (I think that is what they are called, a gully type drain with plastic or metal grid on top) along the garage wall to keep that area dry and along the house before the gravel if you were doing it again now?

  • Victor M 2 weeks ago

    Have you already moved somewhere else?

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