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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A one-hour documentary film about urban growth and change in and around Phoenix, Arizona. In only half a century, Phoenix has expanded from a small desert town into the sixth-largest city in… Here is an overview of my garden as my first video. This was taken April 21st, 2014 in the low desert of Gilbert, Arizona. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Tim Ward 5 years ago

    It would be a much better city and metro area without all of those cheap,
    brown stucco cookie-cutter homes that look like garages with a small house
    behind. Why must every builder show such a lack of imagination and taste?
    Does everything have to be the same three shades of crap??

  • Jon B 5 years ago

    I love living in Phoenix. It’s certainly important to explore the pros and
    cons of living in any place. Three hundred plus days of sunshine and
    wearing shorts all year long overruled all of the cons for me. This
    documentary takes a dismal turn when it focuses on overgrowth and limited
    water resources while adding erie horror movie music. Presently we have
    plenty of water and there would be even more if California would stop
    hogging it all and build desalinization plants. Don’t be mistaken by the
    young guy who was dodging cars on his bicycle. Because of bike paths,
    terrific weather, public parks and access to the system of canals, Phoenix
    is one of the most bike friendly cities in America. You are also allowed to
    bring your bicycle with you on public transportation. That said, you’ll
    still be much happier here with a car. Yes, Anthem is freakin far. I would
    never live there, but it has everything from Walmart to Starbucks and its a
    great place for people who telecommute or have jobs in Scottsdale or North
    Phoenix. Anthem also has easy freeway access and a huge outlet mall.
    Phoenix is a very livable place and a great place for people of all income
    levels. The indian reservations in Arizona are total trash heaps, so its
    quite stunning to hear them criticize developers and preach to everyone
    about the environment. South Phoenix is relatively small compared to other
    urban poor communities in America. The racial divisions that are common in
    other cities are not as pronounced here, and different races often coexist
    in middle class communities. Despite all of the downsides, Phoenix is a
    relatively clean city. It’s not Detroit, its not LA and its not the south
    side of Chicago. The only people I would discourage from moving here are
    liberals who always vote for Democrats. Those people should remain in their
    miserable and expensive inner-city blue states and avoid Arizona all

  • Joe Blake 5 years ago

    Dang. Definitely makes me hesitant to consider the Phoenix area as my next
    place to live! ?

  • 798unionpipeliner 5 years ago

    Arizona gets a lot of it’s wealth from California. ?

  • RadicalRC 5 years ago

    A documentary trying to portray man as ugly. Trying to justify force of
    collectivists and central planning over your personal Liberty. The attack
    on the free market (the only alternative to subjugation) is open and
    obvious. As if any alternative to Liberty is moral. Realize, when you
    don’t get to choose, somebody who thinks they are smarter is making a
    living off of choosing for you. A living of of raking your daily life for
    as much as they can. There is not alternative to Liberty that is not
    slavery in one form or another.?

  • flerbid 5 years ago

    “the free market (the only alternative to subjugation)” ?!?!? (Quoted from
    RadicalRC above/below)

    Um, the “free” market consolidates wealth upwards (just to name one
    problem). The Wal-Mart family, for example, now holds more wealth than the
    poorest 40% of US citizens. This IS subjugation…

    Also, there is no such thing as a “free” market. Capitalist markets *always*
    favor those who already have the most power, subjugating everyone else to
    the bidding of the elites… Sounds like the dark ages to me…?

  • desertrcaz 5 years ago

    Not one word about Jack Swillow.?

  • Chaz Anderson 5 years ago

    I’m a Phoenician and the growth is insane. But this is an amazing place to

  • Gilbert Gardens 5 years ago
  • RedNeck LivinKuntry 5 years ago

    Thats awesome your garden is looking good. Im start my first garden now in
    Queen Creek AZ so we will see how it goes?