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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A man has planted over 200 hectares of trees in a north China desert over the past 30 years to halt encroaching sand from a nearby desert. Video Rating: / 5

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  • Levine Levine 4 years ago

    Too bad American media can't broadcast this stuff to moderate their demonization of China.?

  • Sabel Tann 4 years ago

    Fantastic! Made me see a different side of China, I have only heard bout massive pollution and overpopulation. It is great to see there are Chinese people doing things for the environment and better the quality of life!?

  • informationwarfare 4 years ago


    Geoff has taken greening deserts to a whole new level, as well as solutions to creating food producing paradises in any climate.?

  • e Lamb 4 years ago

    Wow reforestation of desert in China started in 1956! That's back when no body cared about the land. I wished they discussed how they started.?

  • Mollygaga42 4 years ago

    Nice work mate.?

  • Kasbian Faulks 4 years ago

    yeah, then you read about the millions of trees china is cutting down to make space for casinos in Laos and Cambodia.?

  • Jorrit Andringa 4 years ago

    we need

  • globaltrader 4 years ago

    very cool?