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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote With no cell service, Mick Ohman managed to stay alive until he came across a dirt biker who took him to safety. Video Rating: / 5


  • aaroncrabbe 1 year ago

    16 miles south of crown king on an unmaintained road. Google maps says this would take 1.5 hrs to drive or 6 hrs to walk. Or just wait 2 days and drink your own pee. Wtf?

  • Arthur Osipyan 1 year ago

    Meanwhile, in Russia, a 12-year-old girl was a week in the taiga and fed on forest berries, without a smartphone, beer and a broken car!

  • Arthur Osipyan 1 year ago

    What's broken in the car?

  • camae62 1 year ago

    He might be just pretending to be lost and get the media attention. Who knows.

  • joshua Santos 1 year ago

    This is starting to become an issue.

  • A Goat 1 year ago

    45 hours, a couple of beers, crackers and a sandwich. Dude you're fine. Walk it off.

  • Arizonason Son 1 year ago


  • dopeymark 1 year ago

    Wait….not even two full days….a cooler with a couple beers…a sammy and some water? I call that the Ritz Carleton of stranded…..jeez..what a drama queen.

  • zigyzigy13 1 year ago

    He had crackers? A cracker with crackers. Interesting.

  • ddivincenzo1 1 year ago

    Never underestimate the desert or wilderness, nature is unforgiving.

  • A. Smith 1 year ago

    Was his car a 4×4? It doesn't look like it could handle anything off-road.

  • Roberta Mathers 1 year ago

    I guess us minions need a optimistic news story occassionaly.

  • Eileen LeValley 1 year ago

    I call bullshit.

  • Archetype Archetype 1 year ago

    Why does this happen only to white people

  • Robert Klingensmith 1 year ago

    Miraculous story! Car looks new, Sue Honda for attempted involuntary man slaughter and for poor quality car!

  • C.Rafael Caldera 1 year ago

    Another great upcoming Hollywood film!

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