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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote ArtAlienTV – ” Are these plants/bushes on Mars in the Angustus Labyrinthus region? The possible bushes appear in the summer and are gone in the winter. Are they growing in between artificial structures that resemble a massive salt farm? Even if these are natural the structures may be collecting water enough to support plants that are congregating in the lower parts. There is absolutely no reason why these should not be evidence of organic life on the surface of Mars. Especially when it is in the south polar melt zone “. See me on the new Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel 2016. Episodes 1 & 2 – “Pyramids of Antarctica” & “Destination Mars” MY WEBSITES – GROUPS & FREE APP ArtAlienTV – Mars Magazine GET the FREE ArtAlienTV APP HERE: Very powerful space app. Links to over 20 million images. First found by Joe White – ArtAlienTV on July 25th 2016 and originally published on YouTube July 2016. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU NASA image links: “Feel free to ask for any information regarding the objects/phenomena shown here. See you soon for another game of Interplanetary I spy”. The Power of YouTube After my recent appearances on the new 2016 season of Ancient Aliens and meeting very interesting experts from around the world, I am more convinced than ever that my research has lead me on the right track into unveiling the truth about our distant past both on Earth, Mars and other near planets. After starting my channel just a few years ago, I seem to have been slingshot-ed into the public domain and the TV world at high speed starting with Channel 5 and now the History Channel. This goes to show […]


  • marc walker 4 years ago

    I was thinking Animal Paddocks ?

  • elltee1951 4 years ago

    at 9.46 looks like clouds in the background?

  • 2150dalek 4 years ago

    I was watching "Thunderbolts project'. Their team thinks Mars had large electrical activity eons ago as Venus settled in….They simulated such electrical activity on a small scale, using various freq's, made electrostatic patterns like these, in soil. I think what happened may be after these walls were formed, it DID act to hold water in….and seasonal growth occurs…But it's nature formed walls…..makes sense to me because I see no logic in the design…Sporadic formations of small squares and large squares…I am convinced of plants on Mars.

  • Tomb Raider 4 years ago

    Do you think there are actual aliens on Mars?

  • myron stewart 4 years ago

    Yes looks like stair stepped raised beds with bushes

  • Jamiechu1337 4 years ago

    Mars just keeps on giving and giving.  I think that is some kind of plant life.

  • Scott Craig 4 years ago

    I can't help thinking that those plants may not be plants but more holes or indentations in the ground???
    I could be wrong but I thought it looked like those plants looked like they were inverted more than reaching upwards towards the camera?
    still very good images!
    great work mate!

  • Lloyd West 4 years ago

    I bet you don't know what you have here. It would be exceedingly worthwhile for you to take your image (20141112a) and look at the bottom left area. I use PowerPoint to crop and zoom. Also you will need to increase contrast and maybe adjust brightness. There is one bird in particular that is on a perch, humanoids looking on, and lots of machinery. More birds further up and in the previous image it looks like fuzzy worms munching and leaving droppings. I'm just telling what I see. Just the facts Man.

  • plz check out brian foerster. hes deals with earths mysteries but well worth a look.

  • grt vid yet again. love the tune in the background too.

  • sinem sezgin 4 years ago

    maybe sweeped sand shows rocky ground under it

  • Oaken Spoken 4 years ago

    Can but agree that serious consideration be given to the probability these are indeed plants…. Although the scale is out as regards size (but size could be different on Mars), from above my first thought was that that looks like mould patches or algae, lichen etc. I agree could be bushes, low growing plants…

    I also like the comparison with growing grapes on Earth. Could even be vines… who knows? I wonder what kind of wine Martian grapes would produce…! You've already found a bottle of it….

  • Peter Neil 4 years ago

    you have two of the same picture on here, one with plants and one without but they are the very same place, you need to look at your pics again

  • 250sabre 4 years ago

    Life is everywhere in this universe, I believe !!!

  • teachgold 4 years ago

    How about forgotten Martian rice fields. Places to control plants and water. The plants still growing are leftovers still hanging on.

  • sass clenaghen 4 years ago

    I would like to think they are plants,,,, curious in deed!

  • Olvis 51 4 years ago

    life finds a way my good man

  • Karl Gullinger (LunarViking) 4 years ago

    Perhaps a former Villa area. And plants growing in the foundation. Water still collection under it.

  • Hawk Eye 4 years ago

    Martian farm fields.

  • SaraSmile 4 years ago

    I wonder what plant life on Mars looks like? I wonder if said plans would be a reddish color?… Fascinating!!

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