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  • Andrew Butcher 1 year ago

    where my vegetarians at?

  • Andrew Arts 1 year ago

    Ah yes, synthethic garbage.. Not enough things to kill us, ay? 🙂 wonderful.

  • Sorcha 1 year ago

    If anyone else does this please make sure you know everyone's allergiens. You could kill, or cause the worst night to couple of days for someone by doing this.

  • Raakamunakas 1 year ago

    This is fake. You should know that.

  • Nathan Hunter 1 year ago

    All of them identified it as a subpar burger. It was to salty, tried to cover up burger flavor, or tasted like a backyard burger by someone who can’t cook a burger. What’s that tell you? That burger sucked.

  • *the jimster that's always poppin* 1 year ago

    So instead of eating a natural burger you want us to eat chemicals and plants instead?

  • Now do a video tricking plant based eaters into eating a meat burger.

  • ItsCharlene 1 year ago

    I want some

  • spideyman gamer 1 year ago

    That was Robin in the right side

  • 0Guiltyone0 1 year ago

    well i just had my first one it was 5$ more then a normal one witch was kind of annoying but it was a good meal once it gets cheaper and mass produced this fake meat will be everywhere

  • Toʊҡa Aɳgɛʆ 1 year ago

    I dont get it, Meat doesn't taste like anything anyways without stuff put on it? So whats the big deal? i used to eat meat alot and to me a burger pattie doesn't taste like anything without the cheese, pickles and ketchup etc… I can just feel the greese and texture of the squishy meat and Somtimes it taste alittle burnt to but thats about it…

  • Jamar Flossy 1 year ago

    Ever since my girlfriend turned vegan, she seems so different. It’s like I never seen herbivore

  • james123456789ism 1 year ago

    burger she wrote, burger she wrote, buuuurggger she wrote,

  • Jerome Jimenez 1 year ago

    I'm not vegan but I'm really curious if that vegn burger really taste like the real thing. If so, then i'll eat it everyday

  • iixTrxpicalVxbesxii 1 year ago

    I’m vegan and this offends me in so much ways, vegetables aren’t made out of spider blood and snot I mean I get that you will only eat meat because that’s how much you love it but show some respect, How would you like to be shot, shredded then fed to humans plus these kind of burgers are the reason why we still have animals like cute piggy’s, a cow and a magestic horse around. Jeez, Atleast you weren’t on some type of diet where you only eat meat or something that’s something to be upset over and I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat burgers or something, I’m just stating facts so stop being such drama queens and kings and get over it, Eat your veggies kids.

  • That Asian guy 1 year ago


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