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  • Joel Garcia 9 months ago

    I was driving back from Arizona to California on that date. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and I saw a big green flash and light up the sky. I was shocked.

  • 5eilat5 9 months ago

    that was amazing to see. I have heard there are triangular planes now.  ….seems there are no stars in the sky. where I live there are only two or maybe once in a while three stars in the sky

  • Farshad1975 9 months ago

    "They" clearly want to be seen with the full lights on. Perhaps they don't know that we can see lights.

  • Beatus Gubler 9 months ago

    Das könnten auch Himmelslaternen sein, welche mit Schnüren aneinader befestigt wurden, so dass diese in Formation bleiben wenn Winde kommen. Solange sich nichts mit überirdischer Geschwindigkeit bewegt, bin ich skeptisch.

  • Égon Rodrigues 9 months ago

    Here in Brazil, in that same week, my friend saw UFO's just like these in São Paulo. First he saw it at night. Then, he saw it in the next morning. His friends, in another cities like Brasília (capital of Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro also saw many of it and all of then took photos and posted that on Facebook.
    I know a girl that works as a flight attendant, that have seen one of this ships following the plane, when they where arriving at São Paulo. NO MEDIA SPOKE ABOUT THIS…

  • Mahaylia Jones 9 months ago

    there not UFOs there cheriads mhacb god is coming!

  • carl armstrong 9 months ago

    When you get a chance take a look at the pyramid on Mars photographed by the Mars Recconnaissance Orbiter in the West Candor Chasma.The pictures are clear, vivid and in color.

  • Michelle Grenowich 9 months ago

    Most of these sightings are drones dressed up in programmed lights. They can move any direction, stop, no sound, etc., look like real thing. Sorry guys.

  • Johnny t 9 months ago

    just seen something similar tonight! in Milwaukee!!

  • Wag2112 9 months ago

    Hey SecureTeam – has anyone yet thought to check about possible range activity ( live fire bombing ranges like the Barry Goldwater range west of the mountains there ) in the CA location ?? I'm not familiar with area, but know from being in the panhandle of Florida – 85% chance that those are flares of some sort. My comment isn't to discredit – just to point toward a possible scheduled exercise that may include simultaneous flare drops – maybe to see the public reaction ???

  • Galaxygoat 9 months ago


  • ACE BOOGIE 9 months ago

    I see those I'm from Tucson Arizona it's been happening for a couple years

  • Satwa Dude 9 months ago

    Chinese lanterns.

  • Justin Case 9 months ago

    So, the media covered up drop flares? Interesting.

  • Compa Bajador 9 months ago

    Buy a drone, install additional led arrays, fly it, record your UFO sighting!
    Isn't that sweet?

  • richard coughlan 9 months ago

    there is smoke coming off them. Chinese lanterns??

  • Chaz Walker 9 months ago

    E.T. popping back to pay his ('phone home') telephone bill … finally!!

  • rune791 9 months ago

    Extra-dimensional, not extra-terrestrial

  • TheG4M3R23 9 months ago

    I actually have some photos for times I just saw something out of my backyard. odd photos I can email, AZ has a lot of weird aerial anomalies.

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