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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote the tragic journey of Matias Garcia, a chili pepper farmer from a small Zapotec Indian village in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, who crossed the border looking for work and died in the Arizona desert. LoMonaco and producer/reporter Mary Spicuzza find Garcia’s family and interview his surviving brother and others. Their responses to LoMonaco reveal the dangers faced by desperate migrants. Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens


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  • Islam N 1 month ago

    Thanks for Mexican inhabitants who are always getting suffer for another countries unfortunate poor peoples. I hope all Mexican peoples long live.

  • Williamson Selleck 1 month ago

    The USA government should fine the Mexican government for each person and drug dealer the catch crossing the border illegally

  • Kana Lucio 1 month ago

    God bless that man that gives water.

  • Ivan Godinez 1 month ago

    Wow these comments are really rude Mexicans are suffering and trying to get a good job or a good life for there kids you know what Fuck y’all

  • David Vanderberg 1 month ago

    Fuck Mexico and it's shitty people kill them all

  • Japcrap 2 1 month ago

    They do the jobs we won't do… That is so untrue. I have heard this by Liberals in Europe and in America. It is a load just to let immigrants into the country ( Whatever country you can mane where Liberals THINK they are smarter than others They are not )

  • TimDini theWise 1 month ago

    I don’t understand how you want to be Americans yet won’t speak the language and still fly another countries flag in a host country when you protest breaking the law. I know it was your territory at once but you lost it in wars. The only ppl who were forced here is my ppl, we paid in and still pay a heavy price with injustice. Don’t walk in expecting open arms.

  • Christina Phillips 1 month ago

    It's sad but America cannot take care of the world

  • Christina Phillips 1 month ago

    Sad to see these people suffering but it's their own countries leadership fault !!

  • Christina Phillips 1 month ago

    T this is a dangerous Job !!

  • Jimmy Key 1 month ago

    There own fault.should of done legal.

  • m charleston 1 month ago


  • Angel Cortez 1 month ago

    I want to tell all you people in Mexico tell all your families All Your Love ones to run back to Mexico because one day it's going to be a nation going to be destroyed read your Bibles looking Revelations it will tell you about a great nation that will be destroyed one day all you people from other lands Run back to your nation get away from that great nation this is like a queen for 1 hour she will be destroyed the Angel God believe it or not I'm telling you take your children out I miss her and run and get away from that great nation that lives forever that says like a queen it's in the word of God in the rear relations one day everyone would have to take the mark of the beast and the name of a man I'm telling you all run back to Mexico everybody get out of the nation that lives like a queen for one day one hour she will be destroyed by the ages of God the angel of God is talking to you Ron flea away from her and get your people out for when our she will be destroyed the Angel God in the midst of her

  • ruby mora 1 month ago

    I can't imagine the pain of the mother and 12-13 yr old daughter and the regret they felt before dying its really sad , the Mexican government is to blame

  • Bush Trash 1 month ago

    Of course blame the USA for people trying to enter the USA Illegally, FFS not like the Mexican people know of the dangers of the desert, stop blaming the USA for Mexican peoples actions. 
    About time the Mexican gov tried to stop this as well, for their own peoples safety.

  • E.J. Negishi 1 month ago

    …and I’ll complain no more..

  • E.J. Negishi 1 month ago

    One thing I knew, they were humans! This is sad! Just sad!

  • Samantha ramirez 1 month ago

    nobody is the boss of the world only god is. so whats the hole point for being rude all of us are equel

  • mike taylor 1 month ago

    People are dying that should be enough to change things? They are dying by their own poor choices. They should respect our borders and immigration laws and come the right way. Their chance of death is their problem not the U.S. citizens or governments problem

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