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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Can the 1/25 Ambush scale micro crawler handle the mud pit? * Please note : The Proline Racing 1/25 scale Ambush 4×4 micro crawler is not fully waterproof! Do not attempt this at home unless you are prepared to potentially loose your electronics dude to water frying the electronics…. My 1/25 Ambush has already been gone threw and setup to handle the water by placing a balloon around the ESC/Receiver. * Today we decide to see just how well this little RC crawler can do, by taking the backyard micro crawling course and turning it into a mud pit! Lets just say it was an absolute blast and I’m very surprised it did as well as it did! If you want to learn more about this micro crawler hit up the links below! Dont forget to subscribe! Also, make sure to hit the bell on our channel to get notified of our next RC Video! Proline Racing Website ( 1/25 Ambush micro crawler) – Proline Racing 1/25 Ambush 4×4 Mini Scale Crawler Unboxing & Overview – Music is from – -Asia * Your #1 Source For RC Hobby Products – -PRECISION RC GRAPHICS- *Custom Stickers & Scale Accessories – COUPON CODES – Get 10% Off at ProLine (Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10) – Get 10% Off at (Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10) – -RC OVERLOAD INFORMATION – *Website & Forum- *T-Shirts And Sweatshirt’s – *Facebook – *Twitter – *Instagram – © RC Overload, All Rights Reserved. RC Overload is not responsible for your “own” actions with your radio controlled vehicles that is or was performed by yourself or anyone else. …….The original Facebook link may or […]


  • David Nabor 4 months ago

    Just ordered mine! Ya did you water proof at all. As a kid most of my rc cars didnt survive water fun 🙁 most folk dont realize how small it is and light you gotta slow down and scale down your fun

  • santastabber 4 months ago

    Did you have any drive train binding out of the box? Because i did……

  • deryl Robinson 4 months ago

    Nice! Is the suspension adjustable? Looks a little stiff.

  • Shock Slayer2006 4 months ago

    Is this box stock

  • Chris Mckay 4 months ago

    Video looks sweet…. at 0.5 speed 😀 Smooths out the bounce and makes it seem like it has some weight lol

  • Mike Brant 4 months ago

    I wish they would builtld a 1/25 scale scx10 deadbolt

  • Andy Jones 4 months ago

    I want that micro mud monster so bad it reminds me of the old international scouts with a 390c.i. Motor

  • Todd Bertram 4 months ago

    nice little rig and video, it there any articulation in the suspension? all the ambush videos ive watched depict this rig at ultra rigid with literally no working suspension or articulation.

  • David George 4 months ago

    Was this stock ? Did u do any mods when driving it through the water ?

  • Darren Fortin 4 months ago

    So do you recommend this one over the RC4WD Gelande?

  • BUSTED RC 4 months ago

    is it waterproof

  • Mr1998jeepcherokee 4 months ago

    I want one but just can't get myself to spend that much for something so small. For a little more you can get a scx10.

  • jpzulian 4 months ago

    Turn off this shitting music. Let's hear the crawler's sound.

  • Shooter 1909 4 months ago

    Its waterproof?

  • CCxRC 4 months ago

    Awesome video Matt! Looks like you had some messy fun. Sweet little crawler

  • antione motley 4 months ago

    now i wanna tack my orlandoo mud boggen. epic video

  • Coastline Diabetic 4 months ago

    Man.This thing is sweet.Great video man.

  • My RC Tribe 4 months ago

    That loot great!

  • Metalmac 4 months ago

    Wait, maybe it's just a confusion, was it the Amush or the Gelände that was not waterproofed ??
    Anyway nice vid, nice truck and plenty of ideas to make a little trail course in the backyard !!

  • BJRC高端遥控车 Trophy Truck 4 months ago


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