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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Subscribe to WONDER to watch more documentaries: A family becomes lost when their car is stranded out in the Arizona desert. When they are separated they independently battle to escape soaring summer heat, dehydration, hostile terrain, rattlesnakes and prowling gangs of smugglers. Content licensed from ITV Global. WONDER is packed with binge worthy reality documentaries for hours of entertainment. Check out our hub of diverse and empowering stories which explore the extreme side of life! Follow us on Facebook: #wonder #wonderchannel #weirdandwonderful #survival #humaninterest Video Rating: / 5


  • Nineteen81 3 weeks ago

    Never trust anybody who tells you theyre from "New Jersey."

  • They'er all kind of stupid.

  • Ambrose 3 weeks ago

    I thought 80 degrees was hot!

  • Nelya 3 weeks ago

    Why she didn't shoot that guy who left her and her kids to die in a desert?

  • Willy Wonka 3 weeks ago


  • Jillian Scott 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are a good parent no matter what. God bless your family.

  • Daphney Gayot 3 weeks ago

    Not to be rude or anything, but at that moment with 2 kids, if the people there have no mercy then I won't either. I would have shot the guy in the car if he tried to kill me and my kids. Then take the car go find my boyfriend then leave that place and never go back.

  • Adara Hearn 3 weeks ago

    Why would u only bring like 3 bottles of water are u that dumb not to be prepared

  • Jessica Yanez 3 weeks ago

    This video is scary

  • Sam buno 3 weeks ago

    Wow kinky garden

  • mavric711 3 weeks ago

    The way that lady is talking, We Do Need a Wall!!!!

  • My name is Jeff 3 weeks ago

    I don't believe her with the truck trying to kill them. She obviously is a Trump supporter and has an agenda. All she talked about was illegals the whole time and how "dangerous" it was at night.

  • Zarkon 3 weeks ago

    So, how do you know the area well and know how to go there in the beginning but forgot where u came from and go in another area? wth? I always take the roads back where I came from.

  • Lee Allen 3 weeks ago

    Who goes that far into the desert? That's stupid.

  • SF Phantom 3 weeks ago

    No ukiii

  • Angela Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Push it duh

  • Lil Pill 3 weeks ago

    At the pool drank beach drank stuck in a really hot dessert with no water or food and have been there for over a day drank

  • Ahmed AJ 3 weeks ago

    Hahahahah this is what karma means American were to kill each other because of racism hahahahah

  • C Thom 3 weeks ago

    Their like "it's not like civilized places it's between 115-118 degrees" where as I'm like that is everyday life for me, that desert is home

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