Minecraft 1.15 Survival: Build royal gardens and awesome desert statues

In today’s Minecraft 1.15 vanilla survival game, we are building a royal garden for our desert castle and building a great statue! Thanks for watching! Links and everything below! :: Find me out of Youtube below:: 🐦 Twitter: 🐦 🔺Twitch: 🔺 📷Instagram: 📷 :: Support me on Patreon:: 💙 💙 Become a Youtube member here: More fWhip content is on the second channel : #Minecraft #Survival #Let’s play————————————— ———————————-:: Building with fWhip :: Vanilla Survival Lets play :: Minecraft 1.15 This It is a long-running let’s build series, fWhip will work with everyone to focus on the construction of the Minecraft world! 🌎World Tour and World Download: 🌎 (September 2019) Season 2 playlist: —————————— — ———————————————– — —————- Our community server is provided by CubedHost, please check below! Enjoy a 25% discount for the first three months! :: fWhip Official Discord Channel :: 💬 💬 :: Texture Pack:: ———————————- ————————————————– ————— :: Music used:: Prelude music: “She Knows it” by PS Outro music: “The Night” by Lumian.


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