Minecraft Dungeon [76] Switch long games

Minecraft Dungeons is a 2020 dungeon crawler, a derivative product of the sandbox video game Minecraft. In the game, a victim named Archie was driven away from every village he tried to live in. One day Archie discovered the Orb of Domination, which corroded him and gave him magical powers at the same time. The powerful Arch-Illager now uses his power to form a powerful army and retaliate against those who wronged him. After his defeat, the players chose to forgive him rather than punish him. I played this online cooperative game with my friend Nick, who is much higher than me, so we set the difficulty closer to his level, and I chose a brand new character for this video. Requester for this feature-length game: nintendolover9413 For more Switch games: Timecode: 0:00:51-Introducing cutscenes 0:03:19-Squid Coast 0:09:29-Creeper Woods 0:36:13-Creepy Crypt 0:54:57-Wet Swamp 1:08:38-Corrupted Cauldron (Boss) 1:13:10-Wet Cave 1:22:59-Pumpkin Ranch 2:03:53-Cactus Canyon 1:42 :49-Redstone Mine 2: 22:14-Desert Temple 2:34:42-The Nameless (BOSS) 2:40:34-Lower Temple 2:54:22-Blazing Furnace 3:10:05-Redstone Monster (BOSS) 3:17:03-Highblock Halls 3:35:46-Underhalls 3:44:32-Obsidian Pinnacle 3:53:46-Aach-Illager (Boss) 3:54:11-Ander’s Heart (Final Boss) 3:55:44-Finale cutscene. After the game: 3:58:24-Unlock the Cathedral 4:01:49-Creeper Forest 4:08:09-Wet Swamp 4:25:37-Pumpkin Ranch 4 :18:17-Cactus Canyon 4:30:36-Redstone Mine 4:34:34-Desert Temple 4:37:45-Blazing Furnace 4:40:21-Highblock Hall 4:45:42-Obsidian Peak 4: 52:22-Cathedral Rune Deposit 4:54:54-? ? ? 5:05:05-Mooshroom Monster (Secret Boss) 5:08:30-Thanks to #minecraft #minecraftdungeons #mutchgames #switch #longplay.


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