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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] MINIATURE CACTUS GARDEN (DISH LANDSCAPE). A dish garden is a garden of plants growing in a shallow dish or bowl for a container. The dish garden can be landscaped to represent a scene in nature, it is a miniature ecosystem. -Aggie Horticulture Video Rating: / 5


  • مطبخ ليلى 4 months ago

    Very very good

  • Momtaz Garden 4 months ago

    Beautiful cactus garden, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Vumika Agro 4 months ago

    This video is so nice / thanks to sharing you idea

  • Grafting Dragon Fruit 4 months ago

    Awesome cactus friend!

  • สิ่ง ที่ ทํา 4 months ago

    Wow very beautiful

  • Moody Blooms 4 months ago

    Hello new plant friend!! Thanks for your visit. Enjoyed your cute garden!!

  • công trường vlog 4 months ago

    Bạn làm tiểu cảnh sươn rồng thật là đẹp

  • Daily Life and Nature 4 months ago

    Beautiful flower in bold, thanks for sharing the video. Welcome new friend here , stay connect , see you .

  • vicente40melo 4 months ago

    Perfeito parabéns
    Lindo trabalho

  • Cactus Again 4 months ago


  • my fairy terrace garden 4 months ago

    Very beautiful cactus garden .watch till the end

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