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  • bob smith 4 months ago

    Elephant food

  • bob smith 4 months ago

    Little john bottlebrush

  • Mary J’s Plants 4 months ago

    Your moms home is beautiful

  • Ileana Holder 4 months ago

    Very informative

  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson 4 months ago

    Wow Nicole, your mom has some beautiful cacti, especially the Mexican Fence Post Cacti, it's so cool. It's fun how she can grow all these things outside, where I live it's a NO WAY outside year round. I don't even have any of those cacti inside, I guess I'm just not a cactus girl, I'm trying to find some I like, not any of the ones that bite, I hate getting the prickly hairs in my hands, they don't come out so easily. Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to your next video, enjoy your vacation. How much are the girls in the pool? in your day video they were in the pool, and when you did your night video, they were in the pool, do they ever get out? Lol.

  • Heather de Greeff 4 months ago

    The Mexican fence rail cactus (is that what you called it?) is the coolest ever!!

  • Deborah Christmas 4 months ago

    How lovely! Thanks for letting us visit too.
    Blessings, Nicole!

  • Teara Lewis 4 months ago

    Grew up in AZ, and moved to NC at 19, many years later, and many plants later, I realize how much I miss the ease and availability of cactus and succulents. But I don't miss the

  • Lorene Miller 4 months ago

    I thought you were coming to AZ in Sept.?

  • Kristie Bihm 4 months ago

    The one you couldn't remember the name of is a littlejohn bottlebrush. Also I dont think those are parlor palms in the front. I think those look more like Sylvester palms, but I could be wrong.

  • Nina Cass 4 months ago

    Great video! Do you, by any chance, know the name of the plant you're gonna cut pieces off to propagate (8:27)? I was gifted one but have no idea its name. Obviously it's some kinda of cacti/succulent but I'd like to do some more research but I can't identify it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Belle Hallmark 4 months ago

    Best way that I've found to get cactus spines out of my hands…
    Get Elmer's school glue and squirt it on area and let dry then peel the glue off and the spines pull out without breaking off. Works amazing!!!

  • Knot Dude 4 months ago

    The heat is no joke! I'm so glad you're taking a piece of the Brazillian Prickly Pear! I love that cactus. If you cut one of the stems it will regrow and then you'd get a stem too!! Loved this tour!

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