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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is a video series going over some of the plants in the Southwest Desert. From here we have a quick salad created from the things you usually pull out of your yard or garden. My wife reminded me after… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • peaceinstead 7 years ago

    really appreciate? your videos Thank you!!!!

  • kevin fitzgerald 7 years ago

    does this plant produce seed pods like the palo verde? also, does this plant bloom yellow flowers in spring that smell like jasmine? I get allthorn and palo verde mixed up. here in new mexico i see a lot of this plant. but haven’t eaten it becuase it? may be a toxic look alike.

  • phrankus2009 7 years ago

    Of course, if I could make a strong tea, that prolly means I am already able to biol water … Or, are we talking about solar tea … And if I can (even) make? solar tea, that prolly means that I already have the ability to kill parasites and microbes using solar UV.

  • PirateOfTheInternet 7 years ago

    There’s a plant kind of like? that yucca here in California called a soap lilly. I’m guessing they’re related because it has a bulb which contains saponin which can be used to kill fish and you can make soap and shampoo out of it.

  • frgtmygld 7 years ago

    A couple years ago I got a bad case of giardia. I recalled eading that crusifiction thorn tea could be used for such things, and being a cheapskate, I decided to try it before going to a doctor.What I found is that so long as I was taking the tea several times a? day the simptoms dissapeared. However, they would come back if I stopped, so off to the doctor I went to get some Flagel.
    This plant could save someone from dehidration until they could see a doctor.
    Good video

  • danthman114 7 years ago

    is there a book? you could recommend for the uses of plants in az?

  • EarthBlue2 7 years ago

    John you have a great wealth of information on plants, I’m? really enjoying your videos. I am a Native american indian from the Taino Nation, great job.

  • SolemAris 7 years ago

    Awesome plants man….. thanks? for sharing .
    Great useful video.

  • hinckleypoland 7 years ago

    Good stuff?

  • geepcj2a 7 years ago

    Very? cool.

  • Ammosmith Reloading 7 years ago

    Does this? grow in central Nevada?

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    I live in Mayer! lol?

  • Jim Stocker 7 years ago

    I really like your videos, John. We must live pretty close to each? other, I’m in Cordes Lakes. I enjoy watching your videos then going out in my back yard and seeing what you are talking about. – Thanks!

  • GRADERFL 7 years ago

    keep em coming?

  • medicjimr 7 years ago

    Another great informative video? John thanks for taking us along.

  • SurvivalWithBushcraf 7 years ago

    Rockin intro! I love it! Thanks for all the? hardwork brother, we appreciate it!

  • OzaawaaMigiziNini 7 years ago

    SIAS brother, very? very SIAS

  • ArtisanTony 7 years ago

    so what you looking for on the blue dick are it balls 🙂 sorry 🙂

    Nice? video!

  • chris ekeman 7 years ago

    Very helpful for us desert rats. Thanks.?

  • biguy525 7 years ago

    Very? interesting.

  • darthwelt 7 years ago

    Very helpful and well explained my friend.?

  • godsend420 7 years ago

    well explained thumbs up?

  • btigtime2 7 years ago

    you need a hori knife for digging? those bulbs

  • JimboJitsu 7 years ago

    Awesome? video my friend great information, thanks for sharing!

  • killeninicent 7 years ago

    man im? digging the new intro. great video/series!

  • Debbi Edmonds 7 years ago

    Will you be doing another hike in the desert anytime soon? I attended one in the fall 2011 and loved it. You mentioned doing a? spring class and I would really like to join your hike.

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    I’m glad you like it. I hope to put up more this year. The blue mustard season moves too fast but there are others coming up? that will last through the summer. Share what you find and use down there. I’ll bet purslane comes a lot sooner to you. That’s a good one!

  • PJ Erdmann 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the video, and photo’s of plants it really helps. I have known of some most of my life, but now I want to? put it into practice. I live in southern Utah, so have even more desert and heat.

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    Yes, some plants won’t handle the heat and some don’t like the cold. For early spring blue mustard is great. Heat will send it into creating seed.
    Wild spinach on the other hand is good into the summer and can handle heat better. Salsify will? grow in cold and can handle heat.
    All plants will taste better with good water and not extreme heat.

  • Calvin Oleary 7 years ago

    Looks like I need to put my weeds to better use. Thanks for the video? Mike.

  • kungfu1282 7 years ago

    Are there certain times of year the greens are available or when they are? best?

  • Charles Caldwell 7 years ago

    Thanks a ton for? putting this together. Good information and I’ll be sure and share it. I wish there was more of this available.

  • Lanna Chitan 7 years ago

    This is great insight and helpful? to have the salad made right before your eyes.

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    It can help a lot to learn a bit about wild plants. You? can add them to your everyday meals and if lost in the woods or other struggles come to us and this is what we have it sure is nice to know what can be eaten and enjoyed.

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    That is why I started the site WildUtahEdibles. I could not find any books specific to Utah either. There are a lot of books on wild edibles and you just have to find a few and then search for those plants that are here.
    I created a page for books I do recommend. See my description for the link.
    Out of those? John Kallas is the best option I have found. Just waiting for him to finish his next book.

  • Entropian2012 7 years ago

    I live in Utah and can’t seem to find a single book for edible plants of utah any suggestions??

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    I actually looked that one up. I would tend to pronounce it as one would from the American English language Salsify (with? an I sound) but it is actually pronounced as stated in the video.

  • Mike Wood 7 years ago

    I’m? in North west Utah county

  • Gilla1ness 7 years ago

    Great one! Just pulled up your website , and that looks great as? well!


  • djfoth 7 years ago

    Way? to go! Most people don’t think about this stuff. I live in Logan, and loooove the growing season for the free veggies!

  • djfoth 7 years ago

    Salsifie! Haha, pronunciation aside, they? are one of my favorites. Mostly the new unopened flower buds boiled….mmmm.

  • oyoufancy200 7 years ago

    are you in? nothern utah