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  • ppspsd 1 year ago

    Awesome work ! Great vids always watch, I really get into gear vids ! Im in Michigan but I am studying desert survivial and I use your channel to help with any snake or plant info ! Thanks for your hard work !

  • The Outdoor Wilderness Wildlife Adventures Gunner 1 year ago

    Keep up the good work Johnny.

  • wagouche 1 year ago

    Great videos and info. Planning a trip through the southern states on my bike and am cramming to learn more about the plants in the region. And your videos are a huge help.

  • BillyGoat4x4 1 year ago

    Great stuff as always John, thank you.

    Foraging skills seem to be the hardest of all the survival skills to perfect and you're making it easier. I hope you continue this series.

  • GBlues1 1 year ago

    I'm with GhostKamo! Good Job, John! Thanks for the valuable information man! Appreciate it.

  • Patriot36 1 year ago

    More great stuff John. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this series.

  • Arizona Bushman 1 year ago

    @Ikefis I am in Central Arizona.

  • Bamasuave 1 year ago

    Are you in Northern Arizona or South where the drug wars are getting more intense?

  • Ghostkamo 1 year ago

    Great job on the plant series John, we can never have too much of this info. To some folk it may not mean much but, this is valuable info that does not get the credit it deserves. Thanks for putting in the time and energy on this.
    Peace my friend,

  • DON TATE 1 year ago

    have you considered a video on yarrow and its uses? loved your work

  • Jake Wilson 1 year ago

    @killeninicent no problem bro, just glad I could help

  • Jimbo Jitsu 1 year ago

    Awesome video my friend full of great advice! I so wish I could attend your class!

  • killeninicent 1 year ago

    thanks man

  • darthwelt 1 year ago

    Very informative, loving this series.

  • MrBudwv 1 year ago

    I have truely enjoyed this series John. Thanks for the insperation.

  • MrCableguyken 1 year ago

    Great stuff…Cant make your trip this year, but Maybe next year I will have more time off and can get out that way.

  • dkbonney1775 1 year ago

    Another great video man

  • Jake Wilson 1 year ago

    @killeninicent it's September 3-5, in Dugas Arizona, visit John's site for more info. Or the brand new facebook group listed in the header. Hope this helped you out!!

  • RichTheRidgeHunter 1 year ago

    Great Job Bro! Look forward to more!

  • OldSchoolAmerican 1 year ago

    Thanks for posting these desert plant videos. 5*****

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