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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] The most dangerous cactus in the Sonora Desert – minor disclaimer – I should have said it latches on to you like a parasite and doesnt grow on you per se Video Rating: / 5


  • Bush Trash 2 years ago

    Im homeless in the AZ desert, I carry a machete just for these things, them and the fuzzy bastard cactus.

  • IsaacAlvarenga 2 years ago

    Well I'm staying in Maryland

  • i hated these things man. they would just come out of nowhere and you look down and they are stuck on you

  • Haley Nouvelle Francisco 2 years ago

    He said "this is the most dangerous of all"

  • ripndipp 2 years ago

    I just wanna stick my dick in that cactus

  • TheMostAwesomeMan242 2 years ago

    They're so cute!

  • Jack is not in the box 2 years ago

    Dat ending doe

  • wherefairsoda 2 years ago

    1:56 "…I actually touched myself I got a little prick. but I'm okay don't worry it did not grow on me…"

  • Peanut Colada 2 years ago

    1:01 "it would land on their hands then" * slams the hand covered in thorns at their chest"

    wait what?

  • Zee Love 2 years ago

    Very educational! Thank u very much!

  • Jake Hewitt 2 years ago

    His posture is annoying me

  • Kali Takumi 2 years ago

    "This one here is the most dangerous of them all"
    Waves hand 2cm away from it constantly

  • Jeriann King 2 years ago

    Cavalry, not Calvary.

  • Andrew Molina 2 years ago

    I hate those so much, always got one in the back of my kaffs, witch seemed like once a month

  • Kameraden 2 years ago

    So basically these are a parasitic plant? Attaches to living creatures, either plants or animals and grows on them? hehe

  • Lani Haskins 2 years ago

    The cactus can grow in you, and if it does, bye bye? What does that mean?

  • How Tf did my man coyote Peterson get hit by this? Did he fall or something?

  • mMMM SNIpPERCLIPs 2 years ago

    Isn't that one a teddy bear cholla?

  • Abdiel Martinez 2 years ago

    dude his hand was so close to the fricking cactus

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