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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Mesquite Landscapeing Inc. Is a Design Build Landscape construction company specializing in beautiful and sustainable landscapes that you can enjoy for many years to come. Mesquite landscape offers 3-D design so you can walk through your landscape before we even start. Call for your free quote today. 480.238.2943 Video Rating: / 5 Save 15% OFF all Kitbash3D models ( with offer code ARIEVBASH In this Octane tutorial, we’ll learn how to combine procedural noises to create terrains, then add multiple layers of displacement to them. We’ll look deep into fog settings, composition, lighting, and color matching techniques. Next we’ll learn how to create displacements by baking out C4D’s default noise types, as well as jumping into World Creator for more advanced terrains. Finally, we’ll create canyon walls and a vertical composition, as well as optimizing the scene. Watch how to use Kitbash3D Models to build a space colony tutorial: See below for Kitbash3D & displacement map links! Helpful Links David mentioned: Kitbash3D: PureRef: World Creator: Real Displacement Textures: Poliigon: Megascans: The Rock Essentials: Osiris LUTs: Watch our Octane Render Tutorial Playlist: Using Octane Displacement for Amazing Abstract Renders in Cinema 4D: Plastic Vinyl Toy Textures in Octane Render: David’s List of Essential Octane Resources: Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy this tutorial & check out more tutorials at Want to see more tutorials from David? Be sure to LIKE and show him some love on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and leave some comments in the comments section & let us know about any Octane tutorials you’d like to see in the future! Follow David & his amazing work on the interwebs: Website: Tweets by […]


  • Aditya Rahman 1 month ago

    Amazing tutorial

  • شایان احمدی 1 month ago

    Very very very nice!!!!

  • Destroying Evil 1 month ago

    I read on a si Te that Cinema4d is not for 3d printing…
    I want to know if that is correct.

  • Jeronimo Collares 1 month ago

    You dont explain the most important: NODES… honestly…

  • Yang Ray 1 month ago

    Thank you very much for this.

  • Ruslan Sergeev 1 month ago

    I noticed that you always open cinema color gui type to change color. In Settings in Octane you can change what type do you prefer – octane or native cinema 4d. You can see here if it helpful:

  • [I./JG62]froNt 1 month ago

    36:21 how did you snap back to the exact same view, even though you were already controlling the camera?

  • Alexander Cruzem 1 month ago

    Hi, When I place my textures the rockground-06 and scale it down to 2% it stretches? any idea why thanks!

  • Nova dls 1 month ago


  • Emma L 1 month ago

    This tutorial is great but for someone starting off doing visualizations, all the paid assets would amount to $600 just to create this one image or similar.
    It kinda sucks that there's no free assets of higher quality for individual artists starting up

  • Peddas 1 month ago

    awesome video. Thanks!

  • Sorry, not possible. This crashes octane and makes the scene too heavy in C4D.

  • ArnoldVeeman 1 month ago

    16:48 I knew it was possible! (didn't know how anymore though)

  • ArnoldVeeman 1 month ago

    16:48 I knew it was possible! (didn't know how anymore though)

  • Dylan A. 1 month ago

    where did you get the r-06 octane file i can't find

  • Chase Gibson 1 month ago

    Can I buy this scene?

  • Navid Minbashi 1 month ago


  • Jimi James 1 month ago

    How do you remember all of this?

  • Alan Torres 1 month ago

    oh man i don't going to lie the result is nice, i learnt a lot about mixing materials…. but the color processing you're doing is a nightmare (min 23-27) and then when you're CCing the rocks… anyways thank you for sharing.

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