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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Watch Mr. Extreme and Gabriela to learn about the plant and animal life in the Arizona Sonoran desert. Topics covered include adaption, biodiversity, invasiv… Video Rating: 0 / 5 See the beauty of Sonoran Desert Plants and Flowers at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens.

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  • Iiwiroom 7 years ago

    Showed this? to my 2/3 graders and they loved it!! Of course now everything we do has to be “Extreme!”

  • David Wang 7 years ago

    i realy hope their will be a? scorpion

  • Sleepin Dawg 7 years ago

    my comment will be #1 day when this video makes more sense… and? get more comments to like my comments. lol

  • theMrmuttly1 7 years ago

    yah 1st to? comment

  • Rob vangils 7 years ago

    . I’m sorry but? I can’t remember either the artist or the album

  • Ulysses Baker 7 years ago

    The music sounds like Mary Youngblood?? What is the song name and which CD is it from?

  • Rob vangils 7 years ago

    Yes, I took allthe? pictures.

  • chocolatepugs 7 years ago

    did u take these? pic.s? they pretty!

  • dsanw 7 years ago

    very nice video,? 5*****

  • bigeeezy 7 years ago