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  • dovereg 6 years ago

    Just saw this video for the first time…Nicely put together, with nice
    music too…So many cacti in bloom at the same time, simply amazing. My
    favourite flower has to be the orchid cactus, that orange bloom is
    spectacular. Excellent job!?

  • TONYLOUIS100 6 years ago

    Breath taking display of cactus and plants. Watching This is therapeutic
    and good for the mind and soul. You are a master of cactus and plant
    life… I can feel your earthly nature radiating right to me and Laura in
    London Enfield. We found a spider in our bathroom and did not kill it. I
    thought of you and caught it in a jar and released it outside. I felt a
    great sense of right doing by releasing that spider back into the wild.
    Laura and I want to me you and Sean and make a vlog with you too
    together…. I’m dying to rid the 20% meat I eat in my diet annually…
    When I’m emotionally weak I falter. Your plants and your spiritual
    character is unique.. You Sean and rusty have it. Succulence and nature
    loving can’t be beaten… Thanks for sharing such a nice video, Tony and
    Laura Sending you, Sean and Rusty all our positive thoughts love and
    happiness from Cold Rainy London Enfield LOL xxxxx?

  • TONYLOUIS100 6 years ago

    What beautiful plants… I see Rusty LOL he’s sleeping… LOL?

  • Athea Hewitt 6 years ago

    Wow!! This is the most beautiful act of God I have ever seen. This viedo
    brought tears to my eyes, one that I will never forget. Thanks for sharing
    your beauty and love.

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Hi there Sjoukje 🙂 Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL comment 🙂 the
    flowers on these plants are really so incredible, and most of them smell
    incredible too 🙂 It’s so lovely to be able to share them with you 🙂
    Sending you lots of love and happiness for an AMAZING week ahead, lots of
    love from me, Sean and Rusty 🙂 XXXX ?

  • Aerith Jasmin Moon 6 years ago

    Lyn, So absolutely beautiful, and what a gift you have with your cacti!
    :))) The colors are just amazing and brightened my morning.:) Thank you so
    much! :))) Love, Blessing and lots of smiles and Happiness from us to you,
    Sean and Rusty. :)) XXXX

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Hi bowler180max 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and question, Most
    Cacti would be poisonous to eat but some of them bear fruit such as the
    Opuntia and the pads can be eaten 🙂 There are also some in my collection
    that are traditionally used for assistance in divination by various
    traditions in certain countries I haven’t tried any as I enjoy the look of
    them and I could never eat my babies lol! :-))

  • 12conorconor 6 years ago

    hi heartfullofhappiness could you post a video showing us all of ur cacti,
    all 400 +. i would love to see them, dont spend too much time on the vid
    but i would to see all of the different typed that u have, thanks : )

  • Rachel Bensabat 6 years ago

    girl you are to are being well rewarded blooms all day.i love
    it.your a cute couple.

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much Tami and Mike for your WONDERFUL comment 🙂 So happy you
    loved the flowers 🙂 The flowers on these plants are truly amazing and so
    colourful 🙂 Sending you, Mike and all the GORGEOUS fur babies all our
    love and happiness from Ireland 🙂 XXXX ?

  • MissWoessie 6 years ago

    Oh wow!!! Those flowers are amazing!!!! I never knew cacti could be so
    gorgeous!! Thanks For sharing this with us Lyn!! xoxo

  • DreamWizard9 6 years ago

    So you make cacti bloom by keeping them dry for a while, right?

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for your amazing comment CRAFTYPUMPKIN1:-) These plants
    certainly reward you with such incredible flowers 🙂 I have had many of
    them years, I have had one plant in particular an Echinoposis for 19 years
    and it flowered for the first time ever today in triple bloom on my
    birthday and I definitely feel it’s a very special gift and such perfect
    timing 🙂 Sending you much love and happiness from Ireland 🙂

  • CRAFTYPUMPKIN1 6 years ago

    Absolutely stunning flowers, Your hard work and care really has paid off,
    what better way to reward you than to shower you with such beautiful
    flowers, What a beautiful inspirational video, Thank you xx

  • Selfenquirer 6 years ago

    Sweet Lyn, you always help me see the beyond the thorns and into the beauty
    of all that is. I have never seen a “Bishop’s Cap” in bloom, and the flower
    beginning at 4:27 is absolute magick – so other-wordly and luminescent.
    Loved seeing your chief Gnome, Rusty, maintaining watch – along with the
    awesome crystal stewards placed among the magnificence. This is a garden of
    many kingdoms, and you are its Queen. Love to you XoX (and those 2 beloved
    Knights of the castle)

  • OldVegan 6 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment Old Vegan 🙂

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much Dearest Jean for your AMAZING comment 🙂 it’s so incredible
    that out of these spiny plants comes these magnificent flowers, + the
    energy from the flowers are so gentle, yes the Bishops Cap is so stunning
    in flower, It really is so wonderful for me to share the beauty of these
    flowers with you, Sean thinks it’s so funny as I talk to them and
    congratulate them all when they flower haha! I know they understand though.
    Sending tons of love and happiness to you, love you Jean XXXX ?

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Hi there 12conorconor 🙂 Yes in the coming weeks I will be making a vid
    showing all the different types of cacti I have 🙂 Sending you much love
    and happiness from Ireland 🙂

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Hi there Austin 🙂 Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL comment 🙂 Yes, the
    colours on these wacky plants are incredible, and this year has been the
    best for such a flower show on the cacti 🙂 I LOVE Ricks music and
    couldn’t resist using it on this vid 🙂 Sending you tons of love and
    happiness for a FANTASTIC week ahead :_) XXXX

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much MsZine1 for such a truly WONDERFUL comment 🙂 The flowers
    are full of such amazing beauty 🙂 Sending you much LOVE, BLESSINGS and
    HAPPINESS from Ireland 🙂 XXXX

  • Scudo Camper 6 years ago

    Love the vid Lyn 🙂 what lovely colors, thanks for sharing don’t know much
    about these plants. Hope the business plans are going well 🙂 Im sure Rick
    would approve of the music works a treat. 🙂 Live long and prosper. 🙂 xx

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Thanks so much Rachel for your wonderful comment 🙂 Yes when these plants
    flower they are the best reward I could ever wish for, I have had many of
    them over 25 years and this has been the best year for flowering, Sending
    you much love and happiness from Ireland 🙂

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Hi there,Yes Cacti really appreciate a dry + cool spell over the resting
    period Oct-Feb, I keep all my cacti completely dry during the winter and
    they are all kept in an unheated conservatory with the temperature around
    2-8c. I know a lot of books say to keep them higher than this but I find as
    long as they are bone dry + kept frost free they will not come to any harm.
    This year we had a very cold spring here in Ireland + I kept them all dry
    until April + they have all burst into flower now 🙂