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  • Ronald Marques 3 weeks ago

    Great collection. Congratulations!!!

  • Denice Ouellette 3 weeks ago

    Amazing!!! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous huge cacti! Man you sure have a green thumb.

  • Sonia Castilho 3 weeks ago

    Lindos!!! Br

  • Green Gardener 3 weeks ago

    OMG your plants sooooo beautyful :D.

  • Badro Lamri 3 weeks ago

    Waw waw wwwwwwwawwwwww

  • Elaine Silva 3 weeks ago

    Very nice!! I love succulents!!! You have a very beautiful collection!!!

  • franco coronel 3 weeks ago


  • franco coronel 3 weeks ago


  • franco coronel 3 weeks ago


  • Daniel Falardeau 3 weeks ago

    Merveilleux! Merci pour la belle visite ainsi que pour les conseils judicieux.

  • MY GARDENING CHANNEL 3 weeks ago

    Hi I love your buddhas temple!
    Where did u buy from? And how old?

  • Luciana Maciel 3 weeks ago

    Tudo muito lindo amei seus cactos e suculentas

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