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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote ★ Check out my website ★ Facebook ★ Twitter CONTINUE BELOW …….. Here I share my collection of cacti and succulents that are in my greenhouse, I show the before and after of how the greenhouse looked when we first moved into our new home in April 2013 and how it looked after giving it a big clean up and all the plants put into their new home. I am sure you will be amazed at all the different weird and wacky plants. Rusty our adorable and very loving poodle makes a guest appearance in this video 🙂 in a future video I will be also showing my collection of cacti and succulents that are in my conservatory 🙂 Please leave any comments or questions and take a look at my other cacti and succulent videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and succulents in greater detail and please subscribe for updates. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Music used Copyright free released by Youtube Audio Library Track used Ride of the Valkyries (by Wagner) Video Rating: / 5 Watch Official Ghost Pepper Guinness World Records Attempt: WARNING: DO NOT RECREATE OR REENACT ANYTHING SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. THANK YOU. Within the past 5 years or so, the L.A. BEAST has consumed roughly 14 Cacti (Plural of Cactus) for the sake of entertaining his YouTube fans. With each “first bite” of the Cactus in question, the pain of chomping down on mini razor sharp spikes with your teeth has never gotten any easier….until possibly today. Thinking outside the box, the L.A. BEAST has somehow come up with an ingenious plan to not only trick his mind, but also trick his body into effortlessly consuming 10 CACTI in […]


  • CHERRY J 1 year ago

    Beautiful collection!

  • Robban L 1 year ago

    Have to work on that camera handling

  • Holly Collins 1 year ago

    WOW! Looks Amazing!

  • Unstable Audio Productions 1 year ago

    Hello. I love your videos. I just started to invest my time and money into these beautiful plants. What is the name of the cactus on 4:08, and right after 4:14 (Euphorbia Horrida) what is the small one next to it? Is it Lophophora williamsii? Your collection is awesome!

  • Brook Meredith 1 year ago

    ive noticed that some of your cactus are falling over and have root rot will you ever cut them and repot? 🙂

  • Griffin Reynolds 1 year ago

    Hi! I love your videos! Are you self taught or did you learn how to do this from a different source? You have a great collection!

  • Spring 1 year ago

    Love your collection! How cold do you allow during the winter? Cacti and succulents do go into a bit of dormancy is this correct?

  • Zxander Gapasin 1 year ago

    Len. nice. cacti

  • Maggie R 1 year ago

    I don't think I saw one succulent but great collection!

  • Mark Sullivan 1 year ago

    just admiring your greenhouse. Take from a guy who grew up in southern Arizona, {close to Tombstone, actually} and had saguaro cactus, and barrel  cactus, etc as backyard plants, basically, you have a very nice collection of cactus. Very cleanly potted, and healthy. I almost expect to see a javalina {wild desert piglike animal} hiding in there in all those cool cactus of yours.

  • Eddie9903 1 year ago

    I love all your cactus and succulents. there is one third on the top shelf that looks like a bunch of snow ball , really cool.  🙂

  • James Thomas 1 year ago

    I'm just beginning to start collecting different plants. I was going to collect orchids because of how beautiful the flowers are but cacti and succulent seem more interesting. My mother used to grow so many of these and we now have more than 15 succulents but only 2 cacti. I also make terrariums for some of the succulents. We are just about to move and we have a porch that we will be sitting at. My parents said that they didn't want any plants to go in the ground so we covered all the soil and plan on making a container garden full of succulents. With the amount of rain we have, I think we won't need to waste a single drop of water for the entire year!

  • hedgehog protection uk 1 year ago

    Your so nice lyn love your colectshoin i just started because you got me in to cacti and i have 14 .

  • Alexandăr Cactus 1 year ago


  • sabians.carnivorous.plants 1 year ago

    hey can you  tell me your 5 most favourite must have types of cacti as I am looking for some seeds to buy and grow cacti from but I need to know what cacti seeds to buy thanks for taking your time  to read this 🙂

  • sabians.carnivorous.plants 1 year ago

    Wow what a amazing collection hope i manage something like this in the future

  • heroj i korces 1 year ago

    My mum wont even let me have less than a quarter of yours she says they are a waste of money and where are we going to put them but i do have a small green house too —greetings from England

  • Rick Hancey 1 year ago

    Es una muy bonita colección de cactus…son espectaculares!!!, FELICITACIONES!!!.

  • Pablo Quintanilla 1 year ago

    Hi Lyn , very very nice , great job,

  • Sarah Cannon 1 year ago

    How do the spikes not kill your mouth?!?!?!

  • ghostofgar 1 year ago

    I can imagine a neighbor peeking through the basement window and rushing to the phone… "Hello 911, My neighbor is trying to commit suicide in the most creative way possible"

  • ghostofgar 1 year ago

    Everytime I click an LA Beast vid thinking "Jesus that sounds horrific" it's always much, much worse haha.

  • Hunter Brunson 1 year ago

    This mans a legend

  • McKyoorius 1 year ago

    Dear beast,
    You do some crazy stuff, but i must tell you. Its the crazy stuff plus something about you that somehow clicks well! The music, your aura, the challenges, your behavior all just almost perfectly fall into place like one of Beethovens works.


  • jeff lavoie 1 year ago

    you truly are my hero.

  • Joseph Neigh 1 year ago

    How does your tongue, stomach, body feel the next day?

  • William Beard 1 year ago

    Imagine the medics finding you dead in a trash can full of ice water with a half eaten cactus, ghost peppers, and Crystal Pepsi all around you. They might think it's some kind of ritual sacrifice. I definitely want to go out like that man =)

  • Adriana Perez 1 year ago

    Ur crazy

  • John Doe 1 year ago

    "literally killing myself on YouTube for revenue"
    You should join the Marines. Youd make your DS cry

  • BrocMajorz718 1 year ago

    Why ? Lol

  • Christopher Addison 1 year ago

    Am I the only one wondering why/how he has Crystal Pepsi?

  • Mike C 1 year ago

    skippy62able Next time you should try eating 10 feet worth of San Pedro cacti!

  • Pilot kitt 1 year ago

    I feel bad for him. He's going to have the worst crap. It'll hurt so bad

  • angelscry2323 1 year ago

    This dude is insane lol

  • Troy Marrocco 1 year ago

    Fucking boss!

  • Boxxy 1 year ago

    The worst thing he did to his health this vid was drinking that pepsi

  • Γιαννης Διακογεωργακης 1 year ago

    ABILITIES: La Beast >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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