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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hi Guys 🙂 Here is my Cacti & Succulent Plants end of January 2017 Update 🙂 Thank you ALL for your Support and your wonderful comments. Robert’s Facebook Page CACTUS HAVEN : ★ Check out my website ★ Facebook ★ Twitter Thank you for watching, please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Cacti and Succulent and nature videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and other succulent plants up close and personal. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Royalty Free Music Music By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5


  • Nancy Estes 1 year ago

    Love all your babys!

  • Studio Play 1 year ago

    Amazing im feel lovly <3 <3 :*

  • Bite Hunger Back 1 year ago

    Btw the mother of thousands plant is poisonous you might not want to touch it.

  • Bite Hunger Back 1 year ago

    Wow!!! Looks like a nursery…I love succulents.

  • Fryd Luk 1 year ago

    Do you have any small san pedro cactuses or seeds for sale?

  • Alex James 1 year ago

    ❤️Your house it absolutely beautiful!! It's wonderful even tho is winter you must feel like your in a warm dessert environment and also a wild jungle full of plants so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Luke Cobley 1 year ago

    Hi Lyn hope your having a wonderful day he he just wanna say thanks for all your videos,very informative and wonderful keep it up. There is nothing like coming home,having a bath and watching you.

  • Lisee Ulmar 1 year ago

    …. Great Assortment and Beautifully Arranged Lyn >>>> Very Healthy >> You Definitely have the "Touch", Unbelievable Knowledge >>> Your Passion for Your Thriving Plants shows All the Love and Attention You give them 🙂

  • Julian Rodriguez 1 year ago

    wow… awesome. what is that cactus at 6:33?? It looks like white yarn or something? I need it!

  • omer elnasri 1 year ago

    thanks again and again … wish i have such a collection

  • Alex Miller 1 year ago

    Your crasula rupestris looks amazing! I hope mine thrive like yours. Your videos always make me smile, in no small part due to the positivity and warmth you share with us viewers. Thanks, and let's see those carnivorous plants again soon :D! Your fan in Israel

  • MatthewViolin13 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing!!! This video made me happy! You sound like a very kind person!

  • Mspoor70 1 year ago

    Wow, fantastic! Def, spend your time making more vids. Great stuff. Love and hugs Tish.

  • CJ Julian 1 year ago

    I love your channel! You inspired me to restart my plant collection again and to do some Better TLC to older plants. I will be doing a video soon my babies as soon as we get some decent weather out here in California!

    Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  • Nel Mondo del Giardinaggio 1 year ago

    Wonderful plants!!

  • Brad Wilcox 1 year ago

    Hi Lyn i started my cacti and succulent collection 6 months ago i did not know how to take care of them i watch your videos and now its very healthy and i really love cacti and succulent keep the videos up

  • osama mas'ad 1 year ago


  • Groovyman 1968 1 year ago

    At the 8 minute mark, that plant in the back with around 15 lobes, dark one, just right of the leafy plant, what kind is that? I think it's rare in that size. Thanks so much,  Peace and Love,  Keith in Arizona

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