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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote My Colorado Xeric Garden Video Rating: / 5 5 ways to get landscaping supplies on a budget Are you working on a landscaping project and are looking for more materials but you’re on a tight budget? Then this video is for you! Here’s 5 ways you can minimize your expenses while working on your projects: 1. Use buy and sell websites and local groups to find items for free or cheap. 2. Buy in bulk from a landscaping supplies store. Split with a friend if necessary. 3. Watch out for renovators – they might want to dispose of a lot of their materials quickly, which mostly means free stuff! 4. Look at garage sales – each one is different, and you’ll probably find a gem! 5. Spring cleaning drive – some local councils set an annual collection date. Like garage sales, these always vary every year and you might find some interesting stuff. And of course, there’s also bonus tips from Kai of The 24K Life. Kai talks about other ways where you can gather building materials and save a lot in the process. 1. Look for scraps from construction – do this after the framing process as they won’t have use for them anymore. A good way to tell is if you see the windows, doors, and roof installed. Ask the crew at the end of the work day as they are packing up and ask for scraps. 2. Look for wooden pallets from industrial areas, and distribution centres. You’ll have better luck with smaller distributors, particularly local ones. Some pallets are marked, which indicates how they are treated. Look for HT (heat-treated) or KD (kiln-dried). Avoid MB (Methyl-bromide fumigation). 3. Look for pallets from Home Depot, Bunnings, or any big box […]


  • Rayna Kunzman 4 weeks ago

    Love this–I'm in Commerce City planning my first xeric garden

  • Gina Larson 4 weeks ago

    Would love an update!! What does this look in the winter? What plants are you using?

  • Jacana Productions 4 weeks ago

    And the coolest thing – the old Benz in the driveway! My kind of guy. I'm about to embark on a project like this too.

  • Seana Ames 4 weeks ago

    I'd love to see an update in 2019.

  • Gregory Bergquist 4 weeks ago

    Great video. What is that plant with the cone flowers that is yellow on the bottom and red/pink on the top that you pan to at 1:47?

  • Liftedlifestyle 4 weeks ago

    Love it that’s what I do for a living design native wildlife meadows and edible gardens we need more people like you lawns do nothing for the environment but harm with all the fertilizers and pesticides people use just to make it green love the all natural approach you are the man also tip to kill the walkway weeds naturally use vinegar it will kill anything growing in the walkways in a matter of hours don’t spray in gardens though because it doesn’t discriminate between what you want and don’t want and you could also plant some mosses in the cracks to prevent weeds in the future

  • Al Stewart 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing. We live in Boise so we deal with similar climate conditions. How beautifully you show the well done xeriscape.

  • Laura G. Young 4 weeks ago

    Excellent xeric garden!! Are you gonna do an update for 2017?

    (This video is how I found your channel, btw. But I'm a freshwater tank gal at the moment, not salt. But never say never!) 🙂

  • Daniel Salt 4 weeks ago

    I live gardening, in the spring and summer I pretty much (unfortunatly) forget about the tank 😉
    Its been a month, show more 🙂

  • Rotter Tube Reef 4 weeks ago

    that's cool man. love the walkways but what are you using for a bio filter?

  • Merritt McDowell 4 weeks ago

    Hey man good to see you back its been a bit. Garden looks good cant complain when ya dont have to mow lol and its nice for a different kind of vid once in awhile. Im still waiting on a equipment low down review of what you got why you got and what it replaced and for what reasons 😉 just an idea for ya

  • PRFishGirl 4 weeks ago

    Very nice

  • Shasta Kennon 4 weeks ago

    Great to see that… I made it too. Plans from woodprix helped me a lot 🙂

  • You think it's hard landscaping in the city? Try it in the country…Every time I landscape something, the animals eat every blasted thing. Now that's expensive….

  • VogelKonigin 4 weeks ago

    We built an entire chicken coop using discounted wood at home depot! Only had to buy the chicken wire for full price which was still only about $20 and we have plenty left for other projects.

  • VogelKonigin 4 weeks ago

    Great video! I came here from Terra tinkerings channel and i have subscribed to you! You explain things so well.

  • Wolfeboro Hoops 4 weeks ago

    Do home Depot employees get a discount? I know more about the plants then they do at this point! 🙂

  • Christina Eilers 4 weeks ago

    Clever tips!

  • PixelTronic 4 weeks ago

    Great collab, definitely make more budget videos like this!

  • CrazyCactusCollector 4 weeks ago

    Great video 🙂 I just put gravel stones on a local fb site yesterday as doing up the garden(having decking instead of the stones) and wow quite a few people were interested which like you say is great, I get the garden cleared and someone else saves money and can recycle the the stones 🙂

  • Kai Andrew 4 weeks ago

    Woohoo! So glad to have done another collab, Chuck! Hope this info helps out your viewers on their next project. 🙂

  • Nilza Suculentas na Holanda 4 weeks ago

    First ha. Where are you SucculentPH? I am the one this time hahahahaha

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