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  • Jennylyn Healey 1 month ago

    Ang gaganda ng mga flowers. Sana may garden din ako

  • TeamTabor Channel 1 month ago

    lahat maganda sis i like their colors

  • Anna's Cooking World 1 month ago

    i love flowers 🙂

  • Sophia the wonderland 1 month ago

    i love flower so much ,nature its beautiful

  • Margz in USA 1 month ago

    Ganahan gyud ko mag tal-aw sa mga bulak na cactus .

  • yekih wenceslaonline 1 month ago

    pagka nindot man ani! ibutang sa flower vase!

  • Nida Julio My Journey 1 month ago

    i love cactus and aloe vera, gifted ba ung kamay mo cc hehe galing keep it up

  • ROWEL BALDEMOR VLOGS 1 month ago

    Ang gaganda ng mga bulaklak ate

  • Hil Gemini 1 month ago

    Ang dami palang bulaklak diyan Sis, ibat ibang uri.

  • langga calamba 1 month ago

    Ting flower na lai

  • KONGNO2000 1 month ago

    thank you very much for uploading this video

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ liked 2nd….. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    i'm looking forward to watch your next video,….

  • Mahal Tv Channel 1 month ago

    Ganda namolaklak cactus sis ..
    Lovely flowers

  • Annasor moTour 1 month ago

    Wow kaGaganda naman ng mga halaman mo sis. Ganda ng mga namulaklak na cactus

  • mamabeb Q 1 month ago

    Ka gwapa sis buwak

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