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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I have owned most of these cacti for about 20 years, and even though they spend long periods of time neglected, every spring and summer they put on a display… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Amin ROSSIGNOL 5 years ago

    Nice collection !! thanks for sharing !!
    i have an Echinopsis Oxygona, getting old, lots of babies, but so far no
    flowers !!
    Any idea what could be the problem ?? Thanks?

  • Harimblade 5 years ago

    Beautiful plants. Very cool to share the pictures. Thanks!?

  • konrad kildegaard 5 years ago

    0:44 i have that one
    -so beautiful?

  • gluvuv 5 years ago


  • fishkeeping123 5 years ago

    like the song and cactus

  • koks143 5 years ago


  • christianz2010 5 years ago

    @Angeline388 water ones a week.the water should be gone that same day. and
    lots of sun. thats it

  • LithMyathar 5 years ago

    wow..that’s the amazing collection i ever saw.congrats!

  • brujonagual 5 years ago


  • vickingship 5 years ago

    What a beautiful cacti collection you have! I have some cacti, euphorbias
    and other succulent plants near a windowsil (facing east/southeast) which
    get only about 3 hours of direct sunlight (from 10am to 1pm). I think
    that’s enough for healthy vegetative growth but I doubt most of them will
    ever flower unfortunately.

  • tj fry 5 years ago

    I think cacti are from another planet. how the hell can these plain looking
    things make such ornate flowers? the biggest one in my front yard must have
    60 blossoms waiting to happen. And each flower is 6″ across, but only last
    a day.

  • paulnsara 5 years ago

    All cacti do flower although some are reluctant to do so in cultivation.
    Some of mine took 20 years before I saw a flower so you might have to be

  • paulnsara 5 years ago

    @Ella280789 Thank you for your compliment

  • paulnsara 5 years ago

    Please do

  • mariuszkrw 5 years ago

    beautiful cactus

  • oceanciana 5 years ago

    Your cactus are flowering beautifully for you. You must treat them good.
    How often do you water them, and do you fertilize them….how often. Just
    curious because whatever you are doing they like it!!!

  • Farfromhere001 5 years ago

    what song is that? lots of psychoactive cacti in there!

  • Pochocleitor 5 years ago

    great collection!

  • Amelia Strega 5 years ago

    Fiori splendidi e piante meravigliose.. grazie!

  • paulnsara 5 years ago

    2 of the echinopsis are more than 20 years old and still going strong
    although 1 is showing it’s age now. Thanks for your comment.

  • jdfox1 5 years ago

    @b5jo14 nope i watered it every day and it just fell apart i don’t know
    much about plants. 🙁

  • OhhowHelovesus777 5 years ago

    Since you say they don’t flower well in cultivation like they do in the
    wild, is there anything that would help it to flower? or is it just, if
    it’s going to flower, it will be when and if it wants to and not as a
    result of anything i do. Like, are there things that cause it not to flower
    (other than the fact that they aren’t in the wild)?

  • jasnamne 5 years ago

    great cacti. I have little colection, too but not as like yours. It is
    something fantastic. All the best

  • Angeline388 5 years ago

    I live near the equator and i want to buy a cactus?So could anyone give me
    some tips on how to care for a cactus?The place that I live is hot and

  • paulnsara 5 years ago

    Thanks. You inspired me to post a video of 2009’s blooms.