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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] #AmlaanBaag A lot of you asked me to share a video of my garden and I’m happy to show you what I’ve made so far. Personally, I like asymmetrical landscaping designs, a dense jungle look all with beauty and creativity in mind. I make it happen by experimenting with different kinds and colours of plants, their height and volume, sometimes even some random elements and lots of DIY and Best out of Waste creativity to make my garden stand out and look natural. This current garden look is the 3rd time I’ve redesigned it completely from top to bottom. As the time changes, I like to experiment with new styles of gardening and come up with much more creative layouts. Let me know in your comments what you think of this garden layout. . . Other videos you’d like: 1) Easy Topiary Garden Ideas (1:20) – 2) 3 Common Varieties of Plumeria or Champa (1:32) – 3) Landscaping Arrangements (2:00) – 4) Minimum space, maximum plants (05:51) – 5) Caterpillar Topiary (06:36) – 6) Making Hanging Baskets (07:34) – 7) Spider Plants (10:36) – . . To know more, follow Amlaan Baag on: • Instagram – • Facebook – . . Amlaan Baag by Anjana Khilnani #garden #diy #creative


  • Amber Faisal 2 weeks ago


  • Razia Sultana 2 weeks ago

    Aap apni jannat mein hain

  • TheMarine Engineer 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely amazing. Love your ideas of small sections which are different yet joined together.

  • shweta khanna 2 weeks ago

    U hv created a heaven itself.. I got mesmerised while watching the vdo… Hats off to u the way u hv created each n every book n corner of ur garden… That's so intelligent n smart way to grow plants! May I know the city u put up? Lots of love to u mam ❤

  • VANDANA Thapar 2 weeks ago

    So very tastefully done up. Inspiring

  • savita vatwani 2 weeks ago

    How do you take care of them
    Water so many
    Protecting them from insect attack
    Save them from heavy monsoon

  • HINA SIDDIQUI 2 weeks ago

    Very very telented lady aapko sab pata hai ki kon sa plant kaha sundar lagega bahut sundar garden hi ma'am

  • Sachin Bal 2 weeks ago

    Well done , every thing created and maintained with lot of love and caring , it is a nice garden tour indeed, Thank you MAM for sharing it in this platform. l am from Kathmandu hv my own garden and i do my gardening by myself and noted some off your tips from some of your post at your channel.

  • Sunita Bisht 2 weeks ago

    Hi mem barsat me chat pe aap ke adeniyam kharab nhi hote please let me

  • Moumita Ghosh 2 weeks ago

    Very creative idea, lovely

  • rupa mukherjee 2 weeks ago

    Its so so beautiful that I just can’t express in my words. Very original and creative. I am also fond of creative gardening but your tray gardening idea is my favourite and am going to try on my terrace too. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Would like to visit frequently to your garden. May I know the place and climate ?

  • Pratishtha Verma 2 weeks ago

    Main toh aapki pehli video dekhkar hi aapki fan ho gayi…. thanks for sharing your knowledge ….

  • Nature Lover 2 weeks ago

    excellent! how do you water all these small pot?

  • Subham Singh 2 weeks ago

    You are osm and soo hard working very beautiful garden

  • It's Anya Pandey 2 weeks ago

    Never seen such a beautiful garden before

  • Wadiha Khalid 2 weeks ago

    Bot khubsurat garden ha ap ka

  • Farida Khanum 2 weeks ago

    بہت خوبصورت

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