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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote My Garden Tour – Phoenix, Arizona 2015 – Edible & Tropical TREES. You all have been asking me for a long time to post a tour of my home garden. Here is the garden tour! This is my edible landscape, vegetable garden, and over 100+ edible and tropical trees in Tempe Phoenix, Arizona! Please CHECK OUT my Gardening Channel at Train with Me Online Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE: Get My FREE Monthly Training Schedule and Stay Focused: Order My “BE FIRE” and/or “BE WATER” Shirt HERE: Check out my NEW VLOG Channel – Kung Fu & Tai Chi Vlog My OTHER YouTube Channels: 1. 2. 3. 4. —————- 1. Join Our Online Kung Fu & Tai Chi School for : 2. Email Me at 3. Order Our “Be Water” Shirt: 4. Order a DVD DOWNLOAD or STREAM: 5. Order a DVD Shipped to You: 6. My Facebook Page: 7. My Website: 8. Instagram at “JakeMaceTaiChi” 9. Twitter at “KungFuUniverse” 10. Train with Me Online at: Video Rating: / 5


  • MariaTeresa Rios 4 years ago

    I wonder how casuarina trees do in phoenix?They usually do good with drought and they fix nitrogen on the soils,improoving them

  • MariaTeresa Rios 4 years ago

    hey you are in Arizona, where are the olives, grapes, almonds and fig trees?

  • MariaTeresa Rios 4 years ago

    You should plant cassava, sweet potatoes or papayas, all fast growing

  • Skoja3 Gain 4 years ago

    can u do rope climb without legs . great videoo .

  • Lisa Standfield 4 years ago

    lol the camera comes in at 80 lol like he really did them …

  • Marlene Felix 4 years ago

    I can't believe you live in Phoenix , Arizona (i do too) What a beautiful garden you have . I can't grow anything in my backyard because the soil is horrible (it's just dust) that doesn't make sense. Do you recommend any good vegan restaurants nearby ?

  • Yasha Sowter 4 years ago

    My last one didn't go through

  • Yasha Sowter 4 years ago

    Can u read this comment?

  • Yasha Sowter 4 years ago


  • Yasha Sowter 4 years ago

    What's up jake. Your the man!!!!!

  • Yasha Sowter 4 years ago

    Amazing. U have some big garden

  • GammerGuy648 4 years ago

    a lota trees please lawl

  • Harrypotatis 4 years ago

    Aha is ip make u The man

  • Nicholas G 4 years ago

    Great video Jake…Beautiful garden! Also, keep taking care of the fig trees. My Grandparents had one in their backyard for years. They got it as just a branch from my great uncle's fig tree…and this branch just exploded into a giant tree that produced hundreds of figs every summer. Definitely would like one myself.

  • Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace 4 years ago

    Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE:

  • Pat Luong 4 years ago

    I put 4 different kinds of starfruit trees (kary, kambagan, fwang tung, & arkin) onto the ground this spring. The trees are about  2-3 feet tall and I was wondering what is your temperature lows and did you cover the starfruit trees during the winter season? I also going to plant 5-6 moringa trees end of this month thanks to your inspiration moringa oliefera videos. San Jose, CA. 9b. Really enjoy all your videos especially with John Kohler :)

  • Kenny's ApocolypeS 4 years ago

    give an update in a few months! I'm excited to see how my garden compares to your's during summer!

  • El Mike 4 years ago

    Could you recommand some edible tress I can plant in my garden here in Germany?

  • Clay Whitesell 4 years ago

    I want to thank you for sharing all the things that you do.Very inspirational.Now my girlfriend wants to move to Phoenix.I will eventually get your Tai Chi video.Thank you Sifu Jake!

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