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  • Evelyn Pineda 2 weeks ago

    Nice video

  • frank M 2 weeks ago

    Hello we also live in the high desert Victor valley and just came across your channel. We want to learn more about what we can successfully grow up there. Thank you

  • Carla Garner 2 weeks ago

    I'm glad you are going to make a vid explaining how you built your shade structure. Looking forward to that!

  • Carla Garner 2 weeks ago

    I like how you persevere even in the face of heatwave and high desert conditions. Hope your tomatoes do well. [Coming from another High Desert Gardener in Nevada.

  • Braddin DeBear 2 weeks ago

    Enjoyed the tour

  • Jolene Grimes 2 weeks ago

    Finally someone local I can get advice about gardening. Been gardening in QH for years. I love giving away my geranium cuttings to people. Great channel!!!

  • jglassman1122 2 weeks ago

    Congratulations on the growth of your channel

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