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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Join me in showing you my May 2019 cacti and succulent update video from my greenhouse in Co.Kerry Ireland. Video Rating: / 5


  • Sandra Alhambra 7 months ago

    Iam just starting to collect cactus and succelet amazing garden

  • Sandra Alhambra 7 months ago

    Iam just starting to collect suc

  • Maria Cristina Segatto 7 months ago

    Muito lindos!!!!

  • Boob Dylan 7 months ago

    Amazing collection! And pretty amazing that your cacti are thriving in irelands weather!

  • Elvira McDonald 7 months ago

    Shane,do you fertilize your cactus and succulent,and if you do what kind of fertilizer you use.

  • Ria A 7 months ago

    They are so amazing , so beautiful how iwish to have a big garden . It's a dream for me to have a big and beautiful garde full of plants and flowers …This is Erlinda Francisco ffom Philippies …

  • Mariza Torres 7 months ago

    wow…amazing..i really enjoy watching ur video…u have very nice collection…luv it

  • Coleman Remington 7 months ago

    Beautiful, I have been following many groups and I will say I have not seen a lot of these plants before. Always entertaining and I love how real you keep it! Thank you

  • Fam. Cactaceae and other beauties 7 months ago

    WOW, the Rosevelt Epiphyllum look so great! You have adorebel plants Shane, feel so happy to see them! So lovely collection! When the Rebutias bloom it´s gonna be stunning…so many buds! WOW!

  • ประดิษฐ์ขาย สู่ทํา 7 months ago

    Your, video is very good.

  • Tameka Hill 7 months ago

    Beautiful collection I see a few I want and you Id a few I have that didn't know what they are.Thanka for sharing.

  • Bettsy Andi 7 months ago

    Me encantan su colección de cactus las adoro. Saludos de Ecuador

  • MaryG Orchids 7 months ago

    Hi Shane, glad to find your channel! Immediately subbed! Lovely collection you have . Looking forward to see the bloom on your epiphyllum. Thanks for sharing.

  • AAKASH NIGAM 7 months ago

    Excellent collection!!

  • Anthony Hollands 7 months ago

    What a great video. Thanks Shane. Would you be able to tell us which cacti species you do leave out in the greenhouse all winter, and whether there is any form of heating? I'm looking to work out what I can keep out in London without additional heat.

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