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  • Sergio Perrone 3 weeks ago

    Hi Laura, love your video just one thing… you cut all succulent but i think they are gorgeous if they have branches, long branches… sooo elegant

  • mikki nikki 3 weeks ago

    Your yard is beautiful:)

  • Amita Parmar 3 weeks ago


  • Kimberley Rauchelle 3 weeks ago

    Another brilliant show I've never been disappointed once never

  • Anthony Morishita 3 weeks ago

    I absolutely love your garden ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jing Jin 3 weeks ago

    love your tips

  • Sylvia 3 weeks ago

    Hi Laura. We just planted a King Palm (Alexander variety) in our front yard. It's a 10 yr old and transplanted by MoonValley Nurseries in San Diego county area. Your palm leaves look green & healthy. Ours look a bit white and not as green. I realize it's likely due to stress? How often do u fertilize and can u do a show on King Palms in the future? thanks! Great channel! Just subbed!

  • No Name 3 weeks ago

    I live in Zone 5 I need hardy Succulents, where can I find Large Succulents, I order on line, Mountain Crest & Blue Perennials.

  • E. M. 3 weeks ago

    Hi Laura, how to let your succulent survival in Winter?

  • Your succulent gardens are beautiful

  • Rosy Thorn 3 weeks ago

    Love going back and watching some of your older videos Laura. Rosy thorn

  • marie marie 3 weeks ago

    this video kinda gave me anxiety

  • truthseeker 3 weeks ago

    she just MURDERED that plant! wtf! lol noo

  • Karen Thompson 3 weeks ago

    Wow ! How fun and wonderful !

  • Sandra Kingston 3 weeks ago

    I really had to end the life of making my garden look good and getting the pool and the front of the house which gives me that much stress to keep requesting for new designs. Until my sister told me what to do and it was this program   [Details Here== ] that really saved me from harming myself. I’m grateful.

  • Dianna A 3 weeks ago

    Lori, you are by far the best at succulents and how to's. I have learned a lot from you. thank you

  • Eileen Hoag 3 weeks ago

    I have been watching  a bunch of your videos on my lunch hour. They are making me want to leave right now and attack my overgrown beds. Especially the one growing thru the fence. SOOOOOO untidy. Thanks for making me feel armed with good ideas and confidence that I am not making a mess. Still, I hate the throwing away my trimmings, but a mobile home space has only so much space.

  • Steven Kraska 3 weeks ago

    I need to see the garden of death… Probably gorgeous.

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