My Wild West Rating List | Roblox Wild West #50

In this video, I’ll take a look at tradable items that aren’t auctionable and see how I think they rank for demand and the overall value of the item itself. What is the Wild West? Set in the golden years of the American frontier, Wild West is an action-packed, crime-ridden western RPG where anything can happen! Earn your hard-earned loot by robbing banks, stealing valuables from bronze city trains, or killing innocent civilians to wreak havoc as a ruthless outlaw. SUBSCRIBE: Join Starboard Studio Discord: Timestamp: 0:00 Intro 0:12 Ancient Relics 1:01 Animal Bones 1:33 Pile of Bones 2:11 Candy Canes 2:33 Ritual Daggers 3:02 Gifts 3:42 Christmas Cookies 4:37 Cursed Lantern 4:50 Cursed Volcano Pistol 5:06 Diamond 5:26 Frozen Suit 6:06 Legendary Animal Parts 6:33 Tickets 6:55 Polar Bear Fur 7:27 Skeleton Horse Suit 8:16 Snake Venom 8:43 Thunder Cactus/Log 9:36 Zombie Bearskin 10:30 Outro.


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