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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I have just completed the removal of grass from my front yard, and replacement with low water plants, mulch and rocks. For 1800 square feet, cost of lawn removal 50; Rocks 0; mulch 0; plants 0; sprinkler drip system materials 0; Labor 0. Rebate from City 00; Water savings – immeasurable. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “EPIC BULLION CONTEST – Opens WorldWide 11-14-2015” ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Video Rating: / 5 Wild Wisher off the EP “FRIDAY NIGHT” Video Rating: / 5


  • Silvernews com 4 years ago

    I wonder if you live in CA I just got my yard done last week. I am glad my grass was brown and dead anyway. Looks Good !!

  • SILVER ROOKIE 4 years ago

    Really cool to see the transformation. It looks beautiful by the way.

  • walt2t 4 years ago

    That yard looks really nice, love getting small plants and watching them grow. Can't imagine living in California with the drought you guys have been having.

  • silverpools 4 years ago

    Wacky weed grows great with those drip systems. Calabunga.

  • Christopher Sanchez 4 years ago

    Looking good Bro.. I just have half dead grass and cat droppings in my front yard..

  • PART TIME PREPPERS 4 years ago

    Nice job..neat you got the rebate also.

  • AuRebel 4 years ago

    Looks awesome LL

  • StackMaster G 4 years ago

    We have considered doing this in the front yard, as well. Your project really turned out nice!

  • Mr Doookie 4 years ago

    You can have as much of our rain as you'd like. Multiple inches in days here in MI.

  • Not Sonew 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh… So glad I live in the North East, well, except that it's New York. California don't seem to be my kind of place, I like grass and rain water to make it grow…

  • Anonymous Silver Stacker 4 years ago

    One neighbor turned his front yard into a pumpkin patch by letting the lawn die and setting up three drip-irrigated mounds for the planted pumpkin seeds. Not sure how the neighborhood busybodies will respond. I usually get yelled at for having dead petunias in the front yard that drop nearby real estate prices by $25,000. So much paper wealth, so little security.

  • iamgogi 4 years ago

    I have the same issue. I will probably remove my grass soon. But, El Niño is coming this winter, so we will see.

  • Bandana zX 4 years ago

    You've done a nice job there, making the best of a tough situation. When I sold my house in May, I knew that I'd have to do the same sort of thing if I had kept it. I hope you can keep a little grass in the backyard for your enjoyment.

  • McG silver 4 years ago

    Go check out You live in SoCal a place where you could have so many wonderful edibles and not use anymore water then what you just put in. I'm currently replacing grass with fruit trees, berry bushes (sea berry, goumi, autumn olive) medicinal plants and plants for bees and insects. Check out permaculture heaven video on there it is in Santa Barbara. Which my guess is close to your climate.

  • SilverStrike 4 years ago

    Looks good once you sort of get used to it, and with the city rebate, it's certainly a smart move.

  • Ladyshystar 4 years ago

    Oh gosh! You actually pay for rocks to be hauled in there? Here in Ky we pay folks to dig them out and haul them off. LOL! Think low water permaculture. Edibles. Cactus pears?
    TY for sharing :-)

  • Silver Streak 4 years ago

    The yard is looking good Louie.
    I lived in San Diego many years ago as a kid and even then remember my parents taking issues with the gov't policies and them talking about the move before things got worse. So I don't know what I would think now with the current state of things. Good luck my friend.

  • Bullion Head 4 years ago

    Looks clean. 5/5

  • Double66s 4 years ago

    Looks awesome!! Water shortage not a problem here, I like my green grass :)

  • contreeman 4 years ago


  • Luis Rojas 4 years ago

    lo mejor de dos mundos

  • Sarah Harper 4 years ago

    so bad ass !!! nice shit !

  • enkovalski 4 years ago

    Skindred is comercial, Eyesburn is the best 🙂 try this /watch?v=dn5VecsqsMg&feature=related

  • Gabri Fuentes 4 years ago

    Nice,but the best is Skindred XD

  • feedingmydarkness 4 years ago


  • El Grappadura 4 years ago

    "every thing is gonna be alright"



  • Lablaze17 4 years ago

    Purty Gewd

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