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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We received some mystery seeds in the mail! We’re going to need your help in identifying them. This is the first video in a multi-channel collaboration, on seeds and gardening. Join us on this exciting challenge to see who can identify these seeds and watch as we each grow our own set of mystery seeds. Check out the first videos of the five other channels down below. Thanks for taking part in this epic challenge. Link to Bear Bottom Acres 1st video Link To The Little Whitehouse 1St Video Link to Our Organic Life 1st Video Link to Sunshine Farm 1st Video Link to The Citystead 1st Video Link to 2019 SGSC Participation Instructions and Round 1 results Playlist Link Click below for all of the supporting documents organized by each channel. Find a link to subscribe on their Youtube home page. You can download a pdf of the scoresheet and growing instructions. Also examine a larger photo of each of the seeds. Sunshine Farm Green Dream Project The Little Whitehouse Our Organic Life Bear Bottom Acres The Citystead Click here to subscribe to our channel: Visit our Patreon page to discover special benefits and support our mission: Please consider purchasing a T-shirt (with original designs by us!) to help support us in making future videos: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music by: We are Jim and Jessica, a husband and wife team who decided to make the leap from living the city life to an off-grid homestead. We have no training in carpentry or electrical work. We’ve come armed only with two Permaculture Design Certificates and a whole lot of determination. Join us on our […]


  • MidlifePrices 5 months ago

    I did some planting yesterday. I sure hope everything survives. These winds! Gee Wilickers!!!

  • VibrationsfromMirror 5 months ago

    5, black pepper? 6, pine nut? Think you nailed the peppers and tomato. Not sure about Okra, why??? ) lol Happy Gardening.. Gumbo maybe.

  • CustomGardenSolutions 5 months ago

    Go to sleep crew. So well behaved.

  • Farming Our Backyard 5 months ago

    That is a cool challenge, it will be interesting to see how close your guesses are. And I am glad that I am not the only one who calls it muskmelon. Around here most people say cantaloupe.


    Jim ,, are you Latin ? You look Latin !!! I am Latin ,,, so I know that you pronounce very well ! Hence the question !!!! Lol ! Great guess on all those seeds !

  • Little Jordan Farm 5 months ago

    I'm having a challenge on get my dirt turned over myself. .hopefully tomorrow or wed. Happy gardening

  • Happy Farms 5 months ago

    #4 looks like cilantro to me too. Haha not a trick just garden lingo. The #3 was so big on screen i didn't think tomato. So this is a guessing game exchange? Lol. #6 canteloupe! Yeah melon! Yum. Sending love to the desert!

  • Hey It's a Good Life 5 months ago

    Such a fun challenge. Good luck you guys!!! Good guesses.

  • The Haskins Family Vlog 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness!! Crew's little sigh at the end!! Lol so cute! I don't know my seeds, by my favorite one was #4! It looked cool! Did you guys get a light to use for making videos inside? Looked good!

  • The Mommiesaurus Homestead 5 months ago

    No video today. Sad face. I came back to watch this again just to say I miss you not having a video today. P.S. who doesnt love mystery seeds.

  • Mack Dickerson 5 months ago

    I got a couple right. Thanks guys. LYMI

  • He Provides 5 months ago

    This is a great collab

  • Whippoorwill Holler 5 months ago

    Good guesses, cant wait to see how ya scored, Happy Gardening, xoxoxo

  • The Little Whitehouse 5 months ago

    Great guesses, I think you might have them all correct.but we will have to wait for Kevin huh? For sure way better than me.

  • Our Organic Life 5 months ago

    Woah! Seed #4 is throwing me for a loop!

  • Creating Essence 5 months ago

    Good guesses! I had nothing better

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