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  • ManLand121 (Midnight121) 1 year ago

    Magnesium fire starter was funny as heck at the end…lol. I hope he actually learned how to use it after the demo…lol. That was side splitting funny…strike strike strike strike…what he didn't do was "oh let me shave a little of the magnesium off first then" strike strike strike…lolololol…hey I can't actually be critical for this reporter for not knowing that, most people don't. So I'm not being mean here…lololol…just reminded me of my first attempt with flint and steel…lolol….char cloth helps a lot I found out…lololol…

  • M. Alexander 1 year ago

    I wonder how many people buy those magnesium fire starters and don't know how to use them properly.

  • mogges 1 year ago

    will num nut reporter I know cody showed him how to use that better than that.Yeah bet he used a lighter.reporter have no common scene at all.

  • mogges 1 year ago

    best shelter for hot climite is a wiki.I built one this last summer and while it was 105 inside my wiki it was like 85. still hot but a lot better than a 105. most of the heat rise's up to the top of the wiki and the floor is cooler.

  • trekcannondale11 1 year ago

    Well he did it 🙂

  • William Affonso 1 year ago

    please tell me he did this fire stunt wrong just for the T.V. people. so easy a reporter can do it.

  • jackclark1981 1 year ago

    he forgot to fluff it! Maybe he should have got a professional fluffer…lol

  • DIJV79 1 year ago

    The Sonora desert is very dangerous, I would not recommend survival excursions out there our to test ones skills are will power. The border patrol and AZ state police find the bodies of dead dehydrated snake bitten migrants all the time coming across human skeletal remains is quite common out there its close to a 300 mile trek across this desert from mexico if my estimation is correct it could be further.

  • Boomrod 1 year ago

    This just in, News Reporter, found frozen dead besides magnesium fire striker.

  • Tactical Tradecraft 1 year ago

    Kent Dana, as usual, makes a fool of himself.

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