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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is a long talk and bless you if you make it through the whole thing but I wanted to share some new revelations I’ve had very recently about gardening, gardening methods, homesteading, plants, ecofarms, animals, etc. It has been a pretty big revelation in my world and flipped all my previous plans upside down but I’m pretty jazzed about it all! A huge info packed video sharing my life with you guys! This is more for those who are either super intrigued by what I’m doing and plan to do or those who have been following for awhile now and like big plan updates! Blog: Facebook:… Email: Pinterest: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5


  • ray bon 4 years ago

    3 acre farm that does generate much profit is a hobby farm. A place like yours 8 acres, once it's up an running will be more of a farm. Once you learn more you will see that there's methods to get tons of produce from one acre. So really even though right now your homestead. Once all that land is producing. You'll start entering farm territory. Which? Is not so bad. There are local restaurants that will buy your stuff in a moment helping to pay alot of things. I believe it's 1,500 dollars an acre to produce 2500 profit. Cause you have to buy seed, water, soil, compost etc. But you'll get buyers. Plant grows in a 100 days, so you could have 3 harvests.That's where you begin to blow big farms out of the water. Cause they have more land?but you never stop growing, plus? Since your local, you can plant hairlooms plants which is where the money is. Big farms, they don't do that. A chef wants only certain types of veggies.That's where the small farm makes profit.

  • Brandy T 4 years ago

    It is sad when our plants die 🙁 I hope your plants produce for you this fall/winter.. I cant wait to see.

  • Katherine Taylor 4 years ago

    Liz, you are totally awesome and I am sure you can do anything you set your mind on.

  • Beth Muse 4 years ago

    I know how you like lists. A list of projects. A list of tools you need. A list of plants you want with soil type, water needs, planting time. Then prioritize and you'll be much more productive. You have learned so much this first year. And I have learned from watching you. Thanks for your videos!

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