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  • Jennifer Latrell 4 years ago

    the video says i can create a series of platforms to get to the star coins, but it doesn't say how. hoe do i create them with my game pad ?

  • mana this game makes me rage so hard

  • rwbennett589 4 years ago

    One of the trickiest levels in terms of getting the coins. I just went through the level for the first time and after I questioned "wtf, how did I not see a single star coin?!"

  • wiilover07 4 years ago

    Wow that second star coin was really hard to find.

  • Epicthedog MC 4 years ago

    You mean some days ago he didnt get it tell almost last month

  • BigPokeYoshifan99 4 years ago

    The title says Pirhana Plants again 😉

  • Bored mations 4 years ago

    Nope, a few days ago.

  • MrPhantaze 4 years ago

    he have recorded these some months ago

  • TheRobbebas 4 years ago

    How do you upload these videos so fast?

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