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  • The One 1 year ago

    don't bother…want some sample anwser go watch somewhere else…this person don't to be bothered

  • Kristoffer Miller 1 year ago

    1:13 got a budding pot plant??

  • Joan Smith 1 year ago

    No persimmon? How come? What's your favorite fig and pomegranate cultivar?

  • Manny Vedo 1 year ago

    Happy late birth day!! I have hope for my mangoes! 🙂

  • Ball For Life 1 year ago

    happy bday! you water everyday?

  • Joe Hewitt 1 year ago

    Doesn't seem like the worst conditions to me! You've mastered the soil amendments and shading, which are in your control. The stuff that is out of your control, like year round warmth and dry air, work to your benefit there. I wouldn't mind suffering through those terrible conditions 🙂

  • Luis Flores 1 year ago

    happy belated birthday jay!!!

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